Dudes: there are certain situations where you wouldn't mind having temporary erectile dysfunction, amirite?
@whats that?

That, my friend, is an amirite "post," which you can either agree with or disagree with by clicking "Yeah You Are" or "No Way," respectively. I know it sounds a little complicated, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Building a treehouse is killing a tree, and then making his friend hold up his dead body, amirite?

The trees could just as easily be enemies.

Guys: You feel really, really bad when you accidentally cause a girl physical pain, amirite?

This is why coed competitive sports can be tricky

British and Australian accents are hot on guys.... but no one really discusses the cutest accent for a girl to have... amirite?

No accent, because the ideal woman doesn't talk at all!

Someone had to say it.

Michelle Duggar is incredibly selfish for having that many children of her own. There are thousands of orphaned children looking for caring parents, amirite?

First, I don't get how Michelle Duggar is more selfish than any other mother that has children of her own. Second, procreation is the ultimate expression of love between a man and a woman, and to call a woman "incredibly selfish" (ignoring the father, interestingly) for engaging in that expression is absurd.

While it's indisputable that Michael Phelps is a great athlete, he's not necessarily the greatest Olympian of all time. He might have more medals, but there are far more medals available in swimming than there are in other sports. In tennis, for example there are only two possible medals, so if a tennis player won both, would he still be inferior to Phelps? No, amirite?

Well, no, just winning two out of two possible medals doesn't put an athlete on par with Phelps. Just because one athlete wins 100% of the possible medals in his/her sport and the other wins 30% (just a guess) doesn't mean the first one is automatically as good or better. If the tennis player won both over multiple Olympic games (like Phelps), maybe the argument could be made.

Secondly, I think we should also consider how demanding it is for a swimmer to qualify for the final in each event and give maximum effort to win eight races like Phelps did in '08. Yes, tennis players also have to get through several rounds to reach the finals, but they don't have to also play a gold medal match every night.

Basically, I'd say you're right that tennis players don't get a chance to win tons of events, but that doesn't mean you can disregard the multiple events swimmers are allowed to do. And for the record, I'm not totally convinced Phelps is the best Olympian of all time, I just don't think this is the best argument against that notion.

It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you dont know how to use them they will never be enough. Amirite?

Kind of like how you don't know how to use punctuation.

I'm not saying Rebecca Black's writers were geniuses or anything, but the lyrics aren't THAT horrible compared to a lot of other popular songs. Cause...you know, we all live in a yellow submarine, amirite?

"Yellow Submarine" has goofy lyrics (not "stupid" lyrics, I would argue) on purpose. "Friday" has dreadful lyrics full of puzzling non sequiturs and inane repetition, and they were clearly not intended to sound stupid. So I would say not only are "Yellow Submarine" and "Friday" not in the same category for lyrics; they also lack similar intentions.

After watching what Mark Zuckerberg had to go through after creating Facebook, you wonder if Anthony had to go through the same thing after creating Amirite. amirite?

A lawsuit from arenticorrect.com is a distinct possibility

Girls: when a guy gets a haircut, he usually looks less cute, amirite?

Haven't cut my hair in over a year, get at me ladiezzzzzzz

It's easy to get naked and have sex. But opening up your life to someone, letting them know your past, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes and dreams. Now, thats really being naked. And quite frankly, 99% of us, are too insecure to be really naked. Amirite?

We're not insecure, we just haven't found the right person to do that with yet. You don't just walk up to someone on the street and "let them into your spirit." Whatever that means.

In your teens, looking back at old pictures of yourself can be utterly revolting. However, when you get in to your 40's, old pictures bring you pure joy. Amirite?

I had no idea there were so many forty-somethings on this website.

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.
@Watchful_questioneer I don't think it's good in theory either. Not everyone deserves equal pay fir different amounts of work. People...

Agreed. There's nothing "good" about holding down all of society so that everyone can be the same.

Girls: Cinderella didn't have to take her dress off to get her prince charming. We shouldn't have to either, amirite?

Posts like this make me want to vomit

It sucks when you have the perfect sandwich but you can't fit it in your mouth, amirite?

I guess it's not the perfect sandwich then