I HAVE A DREAM that one day my posts will rise and join the ranks of the best. I HAVE A DREAM that one day in the aura of amirite, the Yeah You Are'ers and the No Way'ers will be able to agree and unite as one. I HAVE A DREAM that one day even the cruelest No Way'ers will get their sin and judge a post not by the number of its votes, but by the content of its character. I HAVE A DREAM TODAY! am... amirite?

Sorry about the am... amirite? Not sure whats causing that.

Every single kid on this planet, no matter how short, tall, skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, smelly, bossy, cute, happy, jumpy, grumpy and all the various descriptions you can think of, cried on the first day of preschool, amirite?

This is assuming of course that the kid went to preschool.

Girls, You hate it when you sit down to pee and somones been brutally murdered in your underwear, amirite?

lol you're the only one apparently

If A beats B and B beats C, that doesn't necessarily A can beat C, amirite?


Kurt is your least favorite character on Glee, amirite?

HeySoulSister, OP here. I don't understand how a gay manipulative person like him who constantly hits on Finn and only got his dad and Finn's mom together so he could share a room with Finn could possibly convince you that he is "life." And that I should "stfu." Sweetart, I could understand why you don't like Emma. She is a little too OCD and harsh on Will.