Union jobs suck. amirite?
Something being made from fabric instead of plastic doesn't make it green, amirite?
Something being made from fabric instead of plastic doesn't make it green, amirite?
@Iapetus-11 Based on their response they're basing this off a jaded view that everyone just gets those on a green kick and...

They don't prefer plastic, they just don't stick to reusable bags because it it requires an amount of planning or conscientiousness that most people don't exercise on regular basis on things that aren't as important to them.

It's weird to think that some parts of the world are in 2023 while others are still in 2022. amirite?

Measuring time is arbitrary. We do it to make things easier. There is no switch between years taking place.

People shouldn't swim with blue whales, amirite?

Are…are people doing this?

Grandparents are more gentle and relaxed to their grandkids, because they are trying to make up for some bad parenting they think they did with their kids, amirite?

1000000% true for my grandma and 25% true for my great grandma

Going to the cinema is an unpleasant experience. amirite?
You're more likely to die from a fork than a gun, amirite?
White pants look bad, amirite?

I'm not sure what you mean by they don't even look good with white shirts. That's not really how most people wear them? Unless you're colonel sanders you are gonna wear white pants with other colors, and you will probably look great because white pants are one of the few things that look good on everyone.

Everybody talks about having a CO2 detector but never what to do if the alarm goes off. amirite?
Traumacore aesthetic is f'd up, amirite?

Everything core is dumb exept hardcore. The end.

Zombies Should Not Run, amirite?
Glass shouldn't be used on anything that hangs on the wall, amirite?
The world is actually not getting any less safe, but the older we get the more our childhood innocence wears off and the worse the world appears. amirite?

The world is actually getting a lot safer. It's mostly republicans that think it's getting worse, and it's mainly because they have never come to terms with their emotional issues, so they aggressively fear monger and attack anything different than them that doesn't remind them of their childhood.

You're either making a first impression or a last impression, amirite?

or youre making the 4th impression out of a total of 10 impressions