Girls: Kotex commercials are your favorite tampon/pad commercials. amirite?

Then they show the blue stuff and I'm like "Oh, that's whats supposed to happen"

When you were a kid, you always sat on a certain side of the car, amirite?

My sister and I have our sides. We never sit on the other one's side. And when I go somewhere with friends, I still sit on the same side.

Saying that Twilight is a vampire film because it has vampires in it is like saying Lord of the Rings is like Rudolph because it has elves in it, amirite?
@then why did you disagree with the post :)

I just didn't agree with what they were saying, comparing Lord Of The Rings & Rudolph with the elves. :)

There's always that one super skinny girl that's eating junk food every other minute but never gains a single pound, amirite?

That's me. I never stop eating and I'm still one of the tiniest people in my class. I'm definitley the tiniest in my circle of friends too.

what if they created a country and nobody came... oh wait they did... Canada, amirite?
@You wouldn't have maple syrup, Timbits, or the telephone without us. You might have a chance of winning a gold...

(Lauren.): I was trying to think of something awesome to comment with, what with being Canadian, but you seem to have the covered. :)

Helen Keller is the ultimate apples to apples card. amirite?

Anne Frank.
Immediate winner.

People are wearing glasses because it's the "cool" thing to do all of a sudden, I'm wearing glasses because I can't fucking see, amirite?

I hate my real glasses, so I got contacts. I don't think they're cool, I find them rather ugly & annoying. On me, anyways.

Its really annoying now that when you try and buy a good book almost all of them are about vampires. amirite?

I started reading the books for kids 9-12. I found way too many Vampire books in the sections geared to my age. :)

At least once while answering an essay question on a test, you've avoided using a word because you weren't sure how to spell it, amirite?

There's always a section on every French test or exam that I've written where I have to write a paragraph without using a dictionary or any help. I leave words out, or don't use them, because I can't spell them or I don't know the French word.

Saying that Twilight is a vampire film because it has vampires in it is like saying Lord of the Rings is like Rudolph because it has elves in it, amirite?
According to Young Adult fiction, the only way to be interesting is to have either 1) both my parents, mom, or best friend die 2) have some sort of disorder, i.e. eating, skitzo, 3) be the awkward "different" kid 5) be "cursed" with some awesome power like heat vision or flying 6) complain a lot ... Oh and being/dating a vampire helps. amirite?

No, not at all. Well, there isn't as many about gays as there is about vampires, but it seems like there's so many.

You still call your parents Mommy and Daddy sometimes, amirite?

I'm sixteen and I rarely call them mom or dad. Even infront of my friends.

I don't care how clean a glass door is, I have never run into it. It doesn't look like air. It looks like a glass door that I cannot walk through. amirite?

Contrary to popular belief, doors do appear out of thin air, causing quite an accident.

If Taylor Swift's songs are written based on her life, then she's only fallen in love about a million times, amirite?

A lot of her songs are written about real people & stuff that has happened, yeah. But, it's often what a girl wants to hear. :)
I do agree with the post, it made me laugh. But at the same time, I love Taylor Swift and how I can relate to her songs. :)

Chocolate milk tastes better through a straw, amirite?

Milk, chocolate or any other sort, always tastes better when drank straight out of the carton.