You have been REALLY obsessed with something at one point in your life, to the point where it's almost all you can think about, amirite?

The Hunger Games!!!

Losing your virginity at 16 is not a bad thing if you are properly prepared (birth control, condoms), are aware of the possible consequences, and are mature enough to talk about it with your partner. If I decide to have sex, it shouldn't be considered horrible, amirite?

Just because you're aware of the consequences doesn't mean you're ready for them... But then again I don't know you and have no room to criticize

I'd be pretty weird if we actually used the emoticons we use on the internet in person. Just imagine, "Yeah, I went shopping today :3" I mean really...What kind of face would you even make for that? Amirite?

It looks like that pink guy from Futurama... idk that's what i thought of

Everybody must get stoned at least once in their life , amirite?

I thought you meant stoned as in people throwing rocks at you until you die....

It's a little different

What do rocket scientists say when referring to something easy, amirite?


You pretty much want to marry Gus from Psych, amirite?

More like Sean Spencer!!!

You've prayed at least once in your life - and meant it, amirite?

I pray every night.

Spongebob is the greatest kid show of all time, amirite?
Contacts are the best thing in the world, except for when you can't get them in, then you just get annoyed, amirite?

Or when you get them in but there's lint on it and it hurts so bad

"Stephan Hawking says god didn't create the universe." He's just pissed that god made him a cripple. amirite?

hilarious! It must be bad that I laughed but this joke was soo funny

Sometimes, you wish you had said yes, amirite?

and sometimes you wish you had said no....

Canadians think that Americans think that Canadians live in igloos. The thing is, Americans don't think about Canadians at all. Bring it on, offended commentators. amirite?

I also don't think about Canadian at all really unless it is mentioned

If Hollywood really wanted to be sadistic, they would release the last Deathly Hallows movie on the same night as the Breaking Dawn movie. That way they could sit back and watch the chaos that ensued. Amirite?
You remember back in elementary school when you celebrated the 100th day of school, amirite?

We would bring a hundred of something to school and in class we would glue them to a shirt and wear it around all day

If you listen to Kesha's acoustic stuff, she's actually a very talented singer, amirite?

I listened to her song "Goodbye" and it was really good