It's strange that a lot of humans see themselves as separate from other animals in the animal kingdom in two distinct groups: human and non human animals. There's really nothing special about people other than their intelligence, in the same way there's nothing special about a cheetah other than running at 70 mph and keen hunting instincts. There's no reason for humans to think of themselves as special or seperate ... amirite?

Opposable thumbs, bitches!

You love it when the time is the same number as your area code, amirite?

OMG you guys, call each other!

Sometimes it's just too easy to make fun of the models' facial expressions in the sale papers, amirite?

The chick on the right in the middle is doing the face from the other day's POTD!!

It's awful when you let your hair down and it just won't stop giving you that look of sheer disappointment, amirite?
There is never anything to eat in your fridge, amirite?

Man, I wish the fridge in that picture was my fridge!

You know you're a 90's kid when... you don't shut the hell up about it, amirite?
@Emyleigh Okay, so what is the deal? I was born in '89 and I didn't know about this fad... I don't get the uproar.

Maybe it's a thing they do every decade. About ten years ago, "Made in the 80s" was so damn popular. In ten years, everyone will be all like, "Oh, I'm a Y2K baby."

You shouldn't have kids if you're not willing to put their needs in front of your wants, amirite?

And yet, everyone is sooo against abortion.

Some names are good for children/babies, but people need to realize that those children/babies grow up, and you get adults named Frankie or Carter, amirite?

Carter sounds like an old man's name. When I hear the name Carter I immediately think of Family Guy.

It would be great if cars had radio transmitters where you could talk to either the person in front of you or the person behind you. That way you could let the other drivers around you know to use their turn signal, speed up, get off your ass, or just how much like a dick they are driving. Amirite?

Meh, they can't hear anyhow.

There is so much stigma attached to taking the birth control pill even though the side effects include lighter and less painful periods. A good marketing technique to combat this stigma would be to call it the "lighter and less painful period pill" and one of the side effects would be that you are unlikely to concieve while taking it. Amirite?
@B10ckH34d Period control sounds better though. I think they also increase boob size, so there could be a name based on that...

IDK, I've been on birth control for two years and my boobs are the same. It does clear acne, though.

There's a special place in hell for anyone that bullies a mentally handicapped kid, amirite?

Why do they get a SPECIAL place? Fuck them!

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?

Congrats! Now this picture is the first thing we see when we come to the site. At least one person who did not see that yesterday will see it today and be really confused!

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?
You hate when girls pose with their tits hanging out... unless of course you are a dude. amirite?

I see what's going on here. You think if you pose like this everyone is going to post themselves like this, especially the ladies! Very clever...