Testing if you're immortal only works once, amirite?

You must prove it everyday

There's no genetic problem with same-sex relatives marrying. amirite?
Writing a diary is considered sane and respectable but talking to yourself is considered crazy and bizarre. amirite?
You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

Found the guy who thinks strippers owe him blow jobs in VIP

There are way too many oldest tricks in the book, especially considering that there can only be one oldest trick. amirite?
You don't know if anyone is real. You are only taking everyone's word that they have feelings. amirite?

I think therefore I am. Descartes philosophy right here folks.

But also, if I'm the main character in my story and y'all are just NPCs, wouldn't that mean that the same is true for each individual? Therefore making this argument circular and thus meaning that either I'm right and y'all are NPCs or we're all wrong and nothing makes sense anymore.


You can water water, but you cannot burn fire. amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen I know what hydrogen bombs do, and while there are several similarities, they are still distinct reactions. Nuclear...

You sir, are confidently incorrect. What do you think that flaming ball of fire in the sky is doing?

You can water water, but you cannot burn fire. amirite?

How does one water water?

Add more water to a container of water?

Because you can create a bigger fire by adding more fuel to an existing fire too...

Fish can survive in salt water but not water + salt, amirite?

What do u think salt water is sweetheart

In the whole known universe wood is more rare than diamonds. amirite?

So that's what the aliens are after.

It's possible that some of the tastiest food ever was already extinct before the human Era and we will never be able to try it. amirite?

Galápagos tortoises are supposed to taste incredible, they aren't extinct, but you can't go around eating them now.

Whatever happens, we're all part of it. amirite?

I think that's called the Butterfly Effect

The actual Prince of Qatar and Nigeria must have real problems getting requests for Quotations on products because there is so many people impersonating them trying to scam people. amirite?

I mean Nigeria is a republic. There is no Prince of Nigeria.

Pubes in the rim, amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen Jeez I'm Pete. Ok, which one are you?

I'm the crazy germaphobe that carries alcohol spray with me everywhere (even before it was cool and covid didn't exist)... And I spray that stuff everywhere and I hover than flush with my foot.

I suppose I don't really fit into your urinal convo...

Pubes in the rim, amirite?