People are so lucky, within the whole galaxy, we are the proud ones with a flat planet. amirite?
Four weddings and a funeral is the same story told five times. amirite?

Gonna take your word for it.

With a net worth of over $67b at the age of 35, it's very likely that Zuckerberg will one day be the richest person in the world. amirite?

You have to be human to be the richest person in the world. Richest lizard in the world is more likely

Technically, the first woman a man has his penis inside is his mother. Before he was expelled from the uterus. amirite?

404: mental image not found.

Teenagehood is the free trial of adulthood, amirite?

so I heard. Today.

Humans are dirty and inefficient transport vessels for water. amirite?
When we die we decompose in the earth and our nutrients/atoms go into vegetable crops. Then our decomposed remains are eaten by people in an act of unintentional cannibalism. amirite?

or reincarnation?

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?

Everything that currently exists has existed since the big bang and will continue to exist until the dark matter approaches.

If reincarnation is real your odds of coming back as something besides an insect of some sort is extremely low, as they make up 80% of all living things. Remember that next time you go to kill one... amirite?

If I am incarnated as a spider, I don't mind dying

When a guitarist and a bassist approach and play just in front of each other, that's just musicians frotting, amirite?


Your handwriting is technically just your hands accent, amirite?

Mine's like it has the accent of someone that is ten generations into inbreeding and recently got laryngitis.

Our Earth is never in the same spot twice in the Universe. amirite?

Is that why time travel would never work? You'd just end up floating in space somewhere even if you only jumped a few seconds forward or back.

Pick up, dial, talk, hang up, repeat, amirite?

100 years ago, even stranger

Jack can be inside or outside the box. amirite?

Jack gets into his box when he has been disonediant

Restaurants existed before bleach. amirite?

Hol up... We dem bois.