'I Can't Get it Out of My Head' by: Eric Carmen. Most ironic song ever to get stuck in your head. amirite?
It is weird to realize that human beings are made of meat. Our brains are made of meat. That means under the right conditions - meat can think. We communicate by squirting air through flaps of meat. That's weird. Amirite?

Meat makes meat talk? No, electromagnetic pulses controlled by chemical reactions all over your body causes these impulses. You see some fine honey, and you're thinking (also caused by electronic waves) to yourself, "damn that honey is fine." But when you want to say it, your brain releases all these chemicals and shit, sending electronic pulses to your jaw, and lungs to allow you to make different noises by shaping your mouth. So no, it's not so simple as "squirting air through flaps of meat."
Your intercostal muscles allow for changes in pressure inside your lungs, allowing you to take in air, filling aevioli with oxygen, then releasing the product of CO2, which was produced by all of your cells, when you exhale.

Choose what is right, not what is easy, amirite?

Suck my dick bitches

You have a brother. But take one letter out of it and you have a bother, amirite?
@marimetagirl1 yes IIIIIIII did

Did you mean to only have one "I"?

When Anthonny dies there will be a bunch of posts saying RIP anthony :) I CANT WAIT ITS GONNA BE SO SWEET amirite?
@Treeleaf None at all :D

Penis butthole penis penis.

When Anthonny dies there will be a bunch of posts saying RIP anthony :) I CANT WAIT ITS GONNA BE SO SWEET amirite?

Who the FUCK is Anthonny?

Jellyfish have no purpose, amirite?
If you actually put some time into reading an instructional manual, it gets pretty fun, amirite?
I love how the timezone when you create an account is automatically set to Brtish time. I guess that means Britain is better than everything ever, amirite?
@Tater Or that the creator of this site is British.

Dumb girl is dumb. Obviously he's Venezuelan since he loves Britain.

Even if you don't like then, you have to admit, linkin park is a really talented group. They can do almost any genre of music (soft love songs, rap, rock, screamo) amirite?

Reggae, Jazz, R&B, country, deathcore, children's music? I don't think so...

Jellyfish have no purpose, amirite?

No good* purpose.

I'm not saying he isn't funny, but Pedo Bear was funnier as a meme. Now he has become overrated on amirite... amirite?
Jellyfish have no purpose, amirite?
@Perhaps you ought to research what an ecosystem is..

Sorry I don't take Marine Biology like the rest of you guys :/

Someone should invent a bra that plays music so girls can't complain that guys always stare at their boobs and never listen to them, amirite?
Some things just aren't meant to be wet, amirite?