A 16-year-old girl liking a 14-year-old guy isn't that weird, although it does make her a cougar, amirite?

You're not a cougar if you're only 16

One of the worst feelings in a day is accidently closing a internet window on something really important, and not remembering the website, amirite?

That's why you have a history button you can press that shows you all of your recently visited sites

Skinny dipping just feels so right. Amirite?

He/She didn't say watching people skinny dip

its really weird when your parents go through you facebook and email, amirite?

Your parents do that!?!?!

girls don't like players, amirite?

Ummm neither do guys, right?

"Be careful, that's antique", is code for, "careful, that's old and crappy", amirite?

More like that's worth a lot of money.

There's just something about the ocean... amirite?

I wish I were there

There should be a common saying for when someone coughs, like when people say "bless you" after someone sneezes, amirite?

People cough waaaaay too much to say something everytime they cough.

Kids who are gifted in the arts should be put in a special school right when they start schooling. That way, they won't get scolded for doing things they're very good at. (i.e. doodling/drawing) amirite?

You're so right!

It's unfair how there are high-paying and low-paying jobs. If every job in the country paid the same amount of money, a lot of problems would be solved, amirite?

Doctors go to school for 10+ years, they deserve to be paid more.

When you think about it, girls are confusing. We wear low cut tops and tight pants, and do all we can to get noticed by boys. But when they stare or try to go down our pants or anything, we get angry. Poor boys, amirite?

Haha, so true!

There's just something about the ocean... amirite?

No, getting a beter tan

Life: I have to to go to the bathroom on a toilet now?! WTF, homework on the weekends, I hate school! I'm falling for insert name of crush. I'm to hungover to make it to class. I hate my job. Sex is awesome! Woah, your pregnant?! Yay, we're married! Sorry, I can't make it to the party, watching the kids. I'm too tired for sex tonight honey. Damn kids on my lawn again. Need moar pills! dead.... amirite?

If that's you life, I'm sorry.

He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends. amirite?

Hahah, funny. :-p

You have tried to fart on an open flame, amirite?

I think that's a guy thing.