Spaghetti is better without parmesan cheese, amirite?

This is a very unpopular opinion but I agree. No, not even the "nice" stuff. Sometimes ya just want salty carbs, tomato, and garlic.

self driving 18 wheel trucks are the future. amirite?

It's coming by '30

There is no reason whatsoever to think alien/extraterrestrial life exists, amirite?

Don't you want to give your reasoning?

I don't think anyone actually likes highschool, amirite?
@JimKB No, it's not, because people like you are the reason school budgets are getting cut.

Compare the US high schools to say . . . China… there is no comparison. Our schools are jokes compared to other first world countries. We test way behind.

American tourists are actually very charming, polite and respectful. amirite?

I work for a big US accounting firm and even the customers are really nice, not sure why all the bad rep

The quetzal is the most beautiful bird, amirite?

Not sure this is an unpopular opinion.

The Guatemala currency is called a Quetzal after this creature - their national animal.

No 2 people are 100% the same height, amirite?
It's not all doom and gloom if a young couple has a kid early in life, and shouldn't be seen that way, amirite?

Having a kid at an early age and before having an established career and financial security just adds another huge layer of difficulty to an already challenging period.

While it's not impossible, in my experience it has always led to reduced career opportunities and increased stress for the parents, and the kids not getting even a fraction of the attention they require.

I work in education and almost all the broken kids we come across are from young parents that don't have the time (or the brains) for them, while those with older parents that are already established and have a more mature view on life tend to fare way better.

Mystery Shopper is an evil job, It should be illegal. amirite?
@Suspiciousauthor a server can provide excellent service when there is only 1 customer dining in, and when a server is serving 6...

Again. These are your problems

As a customer, I don't care if I'm the only one seated, or part of a full house. What I receive shouldn't be worse then someone else because I picked a different time to eat.

Usually. The shopper will be asked what time they went to perhaps add context. But it's irrelevant

Would you expect to be tipped the same no matter how busy the restaurant?

Watered down juice is tastier than full opacity juice, amirite?
@Pheniz21 OP must be American

Yah we don't have juice in Europe.

Basic physics should be the most important class in school. amirite?

Physics was always my favourite class.

Parents should not be blamed with everything or many things that go wrong with their children. In some cases, they shouldn't be blamed at all. amirite?

Sometimes, it's hormones that influence behavior, but most behavior comes from whatever children are exposed to, and if the parents expose the children to bad influences, it's their fault.

Mystery Shopper is an evil job, It should be illegal. amirite?
@Suspiciousauthor I never said I needed to know who it is, im just saying the entire ideology of this concept is kind of extra. Low...

At the end of the day enough servers don't do this that they have mystery shoppers. If every server was a shining beacon of hospitality then they wouldn't do this.

Playing video-games is way better than watching tv shows and movies, amirite?
@SnooStories what would you consider extreme if i may ask.

In short, when it affects your physical and mental health.

Australian accents are horrible. amirite?

You've never heard a true Boston accent then. Most of my family has it. Thank god I don't.