They'll never be one thing everyone agrees on, amirite?

Well do you mean 100% of all people? Or do you mean 100% of people who are of sound mind?

Parents should not be blamed with everything or many things that go wrong with their children. In some cases, they shouldn't be blamed at all. amirite?

Sometimes, it's hormones that influence behavior, but most behavior comes from whatever children are exposed to, and if the parents expose the children to bad influences, it's their fault.

Birds aren't just closely related to dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs. amirite?
@Suspiciousauthor Actually birds literally are dinosaurs according to biology. And alligators and crocodiles are not. Dinosaur...

Actually birds literally are dinosaurs according to biology.

Careful - dinosaurs are birds according to at least one approach to biological classification. But not according to all of them. According to some, they are descended from dinosaurs, which does not necessarily mean they are classified as dinosaurs. It depends on which approach your using. Cladistically, they're dinosaurs. But that's not the only way to look at it.

Every American citizen over the age of 18 should get $10k no questions asked. amirite?
People misunderstand a lack of desire to socialize with bad social skills. amirite?
@Mytokhondria I guess if someone isn't doing what everyone else is, thats kinda weird.

What's truly weird is blindly being sheep. I appreciate individuality and autonomy. I respect and admire people dont get swayed by peer pressure.

People misunderstand a lack of desire to socialize with bad social skills. amirite?
@Bigbluemountainstar A lack of desire to socialise is also a form of bad social skills. It could indicate that you don't recognise...

It could indicate that you don't recognise value in interactions with others.

Everyone finds different things valuable. It's not hard to recognize cultural nuances. Talking to a person professionally is nothing like talking to them informally. I'm not against socializing. I'm just want it to be organic. My peers are not nice people. I see no value talking to them.

Your social skills are only as good as the way others behave.

It's super convenient that salt preserves food while also enhancing the flavor, amirite?

It's a shame however that high sodium (and food with other preservatives) food is so bad for your health

Kid's Movies Contain the Best Stories, amirite?
@ambitiouscorner 100% agreed. Also, relationships are based on personal compatibility and not on sexual tension.

That one scene from the Lion King begs to differ… you know the one, or can you not "feel the love tonight?"

I don't think anyone actually likes highschool, amirite?
@JimKB No, it's not, because people like you are the reason school budgets are getting cut.

Compare the US high schools to say . . . China… there is no comparison. Our schools are jokes compared to other first world countries. We test way behind.

Australian accents are horrible. amirite?

You've never heard a true Boston accent then. Most of my family has it. Thank god I don't.

Happiness is not possible without Self Discipline, amirite?

Never met a child of strict parents who didn't go against everything their parents wanted as soon as they got the chance. I don't think we should confuse responsible and invested parents with strict parents.

I think babybell cheese tastes disgusting, amirite?

Ya I used to like it when I was young but last time I got it it was dry and bitter almost sour

Sending a ‘good morning' text is weird, amirite?

I have a group chat with my parent in laws, brother in law and husband. We all tell one another good morning every day and good night most days 🤷🏻‍♀️

Women will sit on (about) twice as many toilets in their lives then men will. amirite?

I'm not sure about the math used here but I pee at least 4 times per day and poop once.
But yeah, I guess that is "about" twice as many toilets.

Women will sit on (about) twice as many toilets in their lives then men will. amirite?
@Prettydotty If you don't sit to pee, you're missing out. I'm sitting to pee right now.

I do everything standing up. Luckily I don't have to clean the collateral damage.