"don't be alarmed" is what everyone says before telling you something alarming, amirite?

No offence but...

You can sleep in a car, but you can't drive an apartment. Be wise with your spending habits. amirite?
"What goes up must come down" applies to gravity, hills, and happiness! amirite?


If dogs could talk it would do wonders for people's self-esteem. Cats would destroy it. amirite?

Cats: "I love you. Let's cuddle ... oh wait, did I just say that? No f you ~slaps~"

General Grievous could play any computer game with himself as long as he has two controllers, amirite?

You need two brains for that

Wigs are technically hats, amirite?

Could hats technically be wigs?

The people who appear to be the happiest are often the ones who are hurting the most inside, amirite?
@aprilhillwriting Or they are just happy and we are trying to make ourselves feel better by assuming they are as sad as we are

Nope. Been through deep depression while people would say "but you are the happiest person I know!"

But I'm currently pretty happy and showing it as well, so🤷

At a certain point in our atmosphere the fear of crashing will become the fear of not ever being able to crash. amirite?
You aren't supposed to microwave a Cup of Noodles! amirite?

Depends. Some are marked microwave safe.

Reality TV is wasting your life by watching other people do stuff with theirs, amirite?

That was one of the funny parts of The Truman Show - the people that were so consumed by watching Truman's life that they didn't have one of their own as well as didn't know what to do once Truman checked out.

Everyone probably holds a lot of world records. amirite?
@I got a black eye from falling on a shopping cart. I think that's a world record

I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.

Not true. Virgin man donates sperm, virgin woman donates egg, implants them into another virgin woman. 3 virgins create another virgin.

Sour cream is the mayo of the taco. amirite?

You brilliant genius, you gem of humanity!

Rick rolling isn't ever going to die, amirite?

The human race definitely isn't going to exist in 400 years, neither will most ecosystems.

If Trump or Biden win, that is

Cold blooded animals are always cold because their just dead inside. amirite?

No, definitely not dead.