Having an identical twin that was a criminal would suck because you'd get blamed for everything and couldn't prove it wasn't you, amirite?

Two can play at that game. Go rob a few banks and then go into hiding and wait for them to take it all out on your criminal twin. Justice is served and you can retire in Fiji.

Guitar and piano are the two best insturments to use when you sing, amirite?

I gotta go with the electric triangle

Is that just adobe paint? It looks like you just painted a bunch of white dots on a black backdrop.

You have been told you could model before, amirite?

If 116 other people have also been told they could model. does that mean I am not really as hot as I thought I was? My dreams are crushed :(

you love that little sizzling sound your hair straightener makes when you straighten your hair while wet, amirite?

That is the sound of your hair dying a fiery death.

Placing private things in a folder that says "KEEP OUT" or "Private" is just going to ensure that it is read by everyone who sees it. If you don't want people to look inside simply name the folder "My view on politics", amirite?

hah thats a pretty good one. The one I actually use is "Economics Project" because who is honestly going to want to read that?

It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

Its more frustrating the other way around.