Sadness is for poor people, amirite?

Beep beep.Oh sorry i forgot to turn the volume down on my troll radar.

When I want to listen to good music, I listen to rock/metal. When I want to laugh at people's musical ability, I listen to rap. Amirite?
@That's not what music is about, it's about expression. These rap artists obviously express something of meaning to...

Justin Bieber also makes money and im sure he doesn't express a lot with BABY BABY BABY OOH and autotune

Im quite sure god didnt make gay people just so they could go to hell. amirite?
Everyone should go right now and "Like" the page 'Tia Did It' on Facebook. It already has 37 people. go go go! amirite?

So many bandwagons on amirite and people jump in them like crazy

Ghana may have beat america in the world cup, but at least we have food to eat, amirite?

Now that's just flat out stupid trolling.Trolls are not supposed to be so obvious you dumbass.

If someone gave you 1 billion dollars to give them a high five, you would do it, amirite?

WTF i can't believe this is has positive score you people are sick like who would do that.EW.SRSLY.

Hitler was really, really bad, amirite?
You can be a straight guy and still buy a Justin bieber or Jonas brothers CD! Us girls won't judge you! amirite?
Typical atheist family: ''Hey dad, I'm back from fucking a hooker, where's mom?'', ''She's out getting an abortion'', ''OK, I'll just go to my room'', ''Hold on son, there are 2 gay men having sex in there, wait until they're done'', ''OK'', amirite?
I really enjoy the show Glee, but it should be about elementary school kids singing, not high school kids singing. Amirite?
@Can we stop with the child molestation jokes already? That really shouldn't be something you laugh about.

It;s not like he's actually doing it these are some innocent jokes why so serious?

Ghana may have beat america in the world cup, but at least we have food to eat, amirite?
@And, like the other anonymous said, Ghana has food.

Some jokes are not funny.If you were starving how would you like someone to come to you and mock you?

Even if Ghana has food it's still not funny to mock them.Go back to your McDonalds and stuff your fat ass.

It's weird to think that Shane Dawson is a virgin. amirite?
Enough about periods. This is amrite. Talk about your vagina blood somewhere else please, amirite?
Color is spelled like that because colour is wrong, you british pansys, amirite?
@BreakfastFan I don't enunciate the "u" in colour, so I just spell in color.

You don't enunciate the 't' in bitch either does that mean you spell it bich?

Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell... Really? cause im pretty sure he would have pooped at least once before that and i am 99% sure his poop didnt fly. amirite?

Maybe that's how he really discovered it but that wouldn't look good in todays schools so he changed it to 'apples'