Somewhere in the universe there is a rock that looks just like you, like your Mt Rushmore. amirite?

That's not how infinity works

Before your 18 being told you look younger than you are is an insult, but when you turn 18 it's a complement. amirite?

Looking young is not a compliment until you're about 30 lol

We pay garbage companies to take things that belong to us. amirite?
When we nut, we feel a moment of bliss. Then the very next moment, we feel as if everything has been taken from us. amirite?
If we could travel in time and take a smart phone with us, which is one of our most advanced pieces of technology of our era, in a day or two without the charger and electricity it'd just be a shiny piece of crap. amirite?
@Nilofargx And do what with it?

charge it at the temple of Zeus, presumably

We won't be able to recognize our own skeleton. amirite?

Now my friend that is why i dropped a brick onto my head

The lobsters in the kitchen aboard the titanic didn't realize how lucky they really were when it sank. amirite?

Lobsters be like, 'there is God after all'.

Your handwriting is technically just your hands accent, amirite?

I like how my hands accent changes as my mood does. Does anyone else notice this?

It will be brilliant if we get a Spiderman movie in which Uncle Ben doesn't die. amirite?

We find out Happy's real name is Ben and he dies in the next movie

You feel far more pain when you see it coming than when it happens by complete surprise. amirite?

Anyone else feel pain before an object actually hits you in the face?

When you are in a scary place with one other person you are less afraid because the chances of something bad happening to you are reduced by 50%. amirite?

You don't have to outrun the danger, you just have to outrun the other person!

When you have a fever you need to warm up to cool down, amirite?

Isn't that so odd?

It's fascinating that people grow to be claustrophobic given where they spend the first 9 months of existence. amirite?

Definition of claustrophobia : "Panic fear of being confined in a narrow or small space, except your mother's womb".

If we delete every single law, the crime rate will be 0%, amirite?

We can do that for a day. Let's call it The Purge.