even though guys like skinny girls with big boobs, they have a lot less options for cute clothes, compared to girls who are flat chested. they don't have to buy a medium so their boobs will fit then worry if its going to be baggy everywhere else, amirite?

"I would date Jenny but her boobs are too big so she has less of an option for clothes."

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?
@OvergrownTurkey I feel like I should.

I can't believe I actually did this. Haha. Obviously i did not put a lot of effort into it, don't judge me. (The audio gets kinda funky at 1:40) Also, you can't really hear me near the end.
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Oh! and everyone who doesn't want to hear random crap, skip ahead to 3:00 for a nice little treat :)

It would be really convenient if you could text 911, because in a situation where you have to be quiet a phone call is not generally something you would do, amirite?

Police: 911, what's your emergnc?
Caller: A mam is too young to bill me!
Police: Im sry?

You dont live in Madagascar, amirite?

Nope. I used to, but I like to move it move it.

Virginity is more of an accomplishment than a failure. It's not hard to lose it; there's always some promiscuous or drunk person who'll have sex with you. It's so much harder to contain your hormones and emotions and maintain your integrity, especially if you're with someone you really like, amirite?

How the hell is being a virgin an accomplishment? Sex isn't a great feat of heroism, it's just a personal choice. I totally respect other people's choices and I think abstaining from sex is a very responsible thing to do for many people, especially young people. But most people have sex because they choose to have sex, not because they are to weak to refuse. Not having sex does not make you a better person and it's a really stupid thing to be proud of.

A more fun way to play hangman is instead of stopping once they've hung someone, start hanging another person. So at the end, you'll be like, "You killed three people to spell the word 'fluffy.' Are you happy with yourself?" Amirite?
@SuperFastJellyFish I usually just add more pictures to the stick people, like hair and clothes. But this way sounds pretty awesome.

Conversely, you could stop after drawing just the head, body, and arms and say, "I hope you're happy. You just killed an amputee with no legs."

Then you go on and on about how he lost his legs serving in the army for his country. How he was a double agent and without him, we would have lost the war countless times and Hitler would rule the world. Then you start on his family: how his wife had terminal cancer and who would raise the children after she was gone now that their father was gone too? They'd become orphans, and very poor ones at that. They were the only two to attend their mother's funeral. Little 9-year-old Becky and her 6-year-old brother Johnny.

Without a family outside of each other, they end up in the streets. Johnny died in a gutter in Becky's arms as people walked by without a passing glance. He looked up into her eyes and with his last dying breath, he whispered, "Becky... I can see Mommy and Daddy... They're calling to me... Becky... I have to go... I have to go... See you again soon..."
She rested her head on his, tears rolling down her face. She slowly drifted off into sleep, never to wake again.

All because you couldn't figure out the word "riffraff."

We as a race have almost completely eliminated Social Darwinism. Laws requiring people to wear seat belts, laws against drugs and laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets were all put in place to keep people safe. However these laws should be abolished because anyone dumb enough to do heroine after all the lessons preaching against it deserves the death they receive. amirite?

Are you kidding me? I'm not one for "all life is sacred" crap, but you're actually talking about people who hurt nobody deserving death because they made a silly mistake. People turn to drugs for a whole myriad of reasons, and maybe you'll never understand any of them unless you're in that situation yourself. I know people have a whole lot of difficulty imagining people in any situation other than theirs, but sometimes people just make stupid decisions.

So someone undoes their seatbelt just once to reach something on the backseat - the one time something happens to go wrong. That person deserves death? If this person was your friend do you think you'd feel the same way? Someone's desperate, depressed and contemplating suicide, so they do drugs to take the edge off. They deserve to die too? No matter what else they've done, that one thing means you honestly believe they should die?

People make mistakes all the time. Even the most intelligent person can't honestly say they've never done SOMETHING silly, embarrassing, or risky. Your friends and family have probably done some pretty dumb stuff. YOU probably have. Do they all deserve to die as well?

Worst drawing of Nelson Mandela ever.

If you were in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Justin Bieber and had a gun with two bullets, you's shoot Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein because you're not a douche that wishes death on innocent people, amirite?

I would not kill saddam or Osama because they are already dead. I would leave beiber alone because I'm not a murderer. I simply am not fond of his music, I don't want him to die. Afterwards, I would go dispose of the gun properly ( probably turn it in to the police) because I dont have a liscence and I dont want to get arrested. I would report the events to the local police and do a couple of news interviews for the local news stations in regards to my strange predicament. Then I would go home, realize I forgot to feed my ferret, then sit on my couch and watch reruns of Friends until I fall asleep.

Guys: You find it incredibly difficult to not tell females what we actually use our nipples for, amirite?

My dad used to tell me that if i pressed both of them at the same time, my penis would fall off

Paint colors have the weirdest names sometimes. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna paint my room 'Moroccan Seahorse' with 'Cloudburst Fantasy' trim. And, I think 'Dragon Saliva' would look good in the kitchen, too.", amirite?

Morocco is in Africa, and in the desert region. That seahorse must be very lost.

Two men walk into a bar. The first says, "I'll have some H2O." The second one says, "I'll have some H2O too." Then he dies, amirite?

snorts and pushes up glasses