It's a bad I dea to post pictures of yourself online - there's probably some hobo in Florida masturbating and screaming out your username right now, amirite?

... I don't understand why this is under "Food"....

The whole Spiderman movie was about how MJ and Peter Parker couldn't be together, the point of Spiderman 2 is that they could be together in the end and the whole point of Spiderman 3 is that everything sucks and falls to shit. amirite?

This is TOTALLY AWESOME! Now, correct me if I'm wrong but the fact that this got homepaged and has a high average says that either there are actually TONS of AVPM fans here or that AVPM logic is awesome enough to be homepaged. Either way that's a WIN!

Wrock on my fellow AVPM lovers! "So you came back?!" "I came home..."


It's weird how people call guys who are cheerleaders gay, but guys who play football are considered manly, when you play football what do you do? wrestle with sweaty guys in public, and in cheerleading? actual contact with a girl and plus show a little school spirt amirite?

I don't think guy cheerleaders are gay - I think they got courage AND talent to actually try out and make it!


The two most awesome dying lines ever are 1. So many regrets! I dead. and 2. This is what you have to do... watch - very - carefully... amirite?

These certainly aren't the BEST lines to say before one dies in a movie, book, musical, etc - although, I FIND these lines "totally awesome!" Wrock on avpm fan! Wrock on!


Being rite is a privilege, not a right, amirite?

WTF?1 200 000 POST? O.o :( I agree with this but I think that was a waste of an awesome numbered post D:


Instead of saying "son of a bitch" we should say "son of a banshee". amirite?

I already do! :D I also say "floppy wanded dementor boggerer", "Voldemort's nipple" and "Dobby's sock"! :)


Bookworms unite! ...After I finish this chapter, amirite?
@ashleyeatsflesh I'm the only person I know who actually reads for fun. :(

At least you do, hon. At least you do... It wouldn't be quite good if no one in your group reads - seems crazy! ;P


You're tired of songs that spell things out. We're not little kids, so just sing normally, be original, and stop giving us spelling lessons. amirite?

"U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi: YOU UGLY (eh eh) YOU UGLY!"

"L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and..."

Great examples above ;P Still love em though!


Mary explaining to joseph about how she was suddenly pregnant mustve been an awkward conversation, amirite?
waking up in the afternoon is great, except you always feel sad because you missed the beginning of the day, amirite?

Mhhhm! That, and my favourite morning breakfast shows that I watch for like the weather/news before I go to school.


Food is always better if it is crunchy, amirite?

... crunchy soup? O.o


I don't hate Justin Bieber for his high pitched voice; I mean, look at Michael Jackson, he sounded like a girl and he's a legend. There are other reasons to hate Justin Bieber. For example, the fact that he's 16 and all his songs have crappy lyrics about love, which he knows nothing about, amirite?

I agree with most of the comments here; MJ didn't sound feminine, he just had a higher pitched voice. I don't even HATE Justin. I just don't like the fact that ALL his freaking songs make him sound desperate AND that he's pretty stupid too... I mean honestly, he didn't know what the hell Germany is and singing the word "baby" about 52 times in one song makes him sound unattractive and pretty stupid [does he have a wider vocab?]! O.o -.-"


My parents got eaten, but the crocodile took out a knife and gave me this scar, amirite?

This post made my day! :D

"Red Vines: What the hell can't they do?"


The day that Spongebob Squarepants will end is the day an episode comes out with Spongebob getting his license, the Krabby Patty Formula will be revealed, Sandy would have moved back to land, Squidward won't be so sour anymore because he will be more better than Squilliam Fancypants and the fish that is the news anchor for Bikini Bottom news will be replaced. Amirite?
@Squilliam Fancyson* :P

(Diana :D): D8

I know I made a mistake, but my internet connection was crappy and by the time I could change it, the time limit was up DX


Jesus was a Hufflepuff, but God was a Gryffindor, amirite?

I don't quite get this... I think that Jesus was more of a Gryffindor since he was brave enough to die for us :P Oh well.


PS Oh, I'm Catholic/I believe in God and this post is amusing :) If you don't like it because of your beliefs, just vote "no way" and leave. Makes everyone's life easier x)