Your internet addiction is getting alt of ctrl, amirite?
There should not be maternity leaves in high school, amirite?
For special occasions, girls with straight hair curl it and girls with curly hair straighten it, amirite?

and girls with wavy hair kick themselves because they don't know which way to go

If you make an angry post about Casey Anthony..just refer to her by her last name..that'll really freak him out, amirite?
@Ram27 Look at the main page of Yahoo.

Oh my gosh! What's gonna happen to amirite!? Oh wait...that's a girl in the picture..OH MY GOSH ANTHONY IS A GIRL!

It's sad that there are more clothing stores than highschools in the u.s, amirite?

How is that sad when there's enough schools for everyone to go?

It would be an interesting experiment to lock a vegetarian in a room for a week with nothing there except a knife, an oven, and a live chicken, amirite?

lmao! im vegetarian. i would probally kill and prepare the chicken the first day and grow the balls to eat it by the second day. im not a peta activist or whatever. i was just raised vegetarian, and i think eating meat is gross. but if theres nothing else; i'd eat it.

So just read a news article about three 14 year old girls drawing swastikas and leaving feces on a Jewish families front porch...I don't even have words. That's just the ugliest, nastiest, thing...I wish I knew who they were, so I could talk to them and tell them how incredibly sick they make me. And the mother who drove them to that house in the middle of the night needs to be absolutely ASHAMED of herself and her daughter. How did they think this was okay? Bunch of animals. amirite?

I didn't say it would help. I said I wish I could...One of the categories is 'Ranting'. But to be honest, maybe it would help them see how incredibly disgusting they are and maybe they could start to realize they'll never get anywhere in life acting like that.

It's sad that there are more clothing stores than highschools in the u.s, amirite?

No, society would be stupid to build more high schools than necessary. And do people pay $20,000 a year on Hollister? No, that's for college. Haha, I'm sure the post sounded great when you first thought of it..but it really isn't sad at all lol.

On those days when you oversleep and have to leave your house really fast without washing your face, peeing, brushing your teeth, and have no time to wear something nice, you feel gross the whole day and can't wait to come home, amirite?

I MAKE time to brush my teeth and wash my face lol.

it's so amazing what one little pill can do, amirite?

Amoxicillicoxin... or something like that. It's an antibiotic. I was in bed for 48 hours straight and then I started on antibiotics today and BAM, 99% better in a few hours.

Sorry you were probably expecting something more exciting lol. It's pretty amazing what other pills can do too.

It's sad that there are more clothing stores than highschools in the u.s, amirite?
@But if we have more high school, we will have smaller classes and smaller classes mean better education.

You make a valid point there, gotta give you that much. But still, a business succeeding and having more stores than there are highschools isn't a sad thing. lol

You don't think the cast of The Hunger Games is a good fit. amirite?

I was pissed at first but... They're growing on me.

Seriously, if I could be a high school student again, I would go to school everyday solely for the purpose to befriend the people with no friends. Bullying is the nastiest thing and it's physically sickening to hear about young kids killing themselves because of the ruthlessness of other teenagers. Parents, please raise your kids to be KIND! We don't need more hatred in this world and we definitely don't need more heartache. Dammit this shouldn't even be an issue, amirite?
@"we don't need anymore hatred in this world", um, bullying was actually a bigger problem in the past then it is...

I wouldn't call the 90's the "past". And I wouldn't call Columbine "bullying", more like a massacre.

Flawless skin is absolutely gorgeous on a girl, but guys look slightly more attractice if they have a cut, some slight changes in skin color, or maybe a really small zit or two on their face to make them look rougher and hotter, amirite?

i kinda agreed before you said zit. no. nobody looks attractive with" a zit or two" lol

There should not be maternity leaves in high school, amirite?

My sister substitutes and she told me that one day a girl said she had to take the baby bus. My sister thought she mean't the, you know, "short" bus..but no, literally, the bus for underage mothers so they can go take care of their kids...