It's annoying how it has to be so quiet in the library. The other people can go read somewhere else, amirite?

The library has BOOKS. Books are for READING. Reading is an activity that at times requires some quiet, espiecally if people are studying; which a lot of people do at libraries.

When you're walking your dog, he/she usually feels the need to stop at every single tree and lift its leg, even if it doesn't have to pee, amirite?

My dog stops to sniff every tree. >.> And he holds his pee until we're on a walk, no matter how many times I let him out, so he just creates a puddle near some person's mailbox.

Comedy Central should tell those Islamic Extremists to go fuck themselves and air the uncensored 200th South Park episode for 24 hours. Freedom of Speech FTW!!!! amirite?

Where did I say someone should give in to the demands of terroist? And where did I say "GO EXTREMIST! BLOW PEOPLE UP!" I never did; I simply disagree with some of what you are saying. Excuse me if you are incapbale of understanding such a thing.

ok i am SICK AND TIRED of people discriminating against me because i am YOUNG! like, its OKAY for me to have sex as an eleven and a half year old, its not like im not using CONDOMS and its morally fine because me and my girlfriend are in LOVE, amirite?
@burnagaininja what is a troll? like is it a young person? and also, people SHOULD follow what i say. people like you tried to...

Please tell me you did not just compare yourself to someone like Martin Luther King.

Taking off a bra feels weird, amirite?

It feels like freedom.

Let me be clear, being gay is NOT a choice. Why the heck would someone CHOOSE for a life full of hardship and discrimination? amirite?
@If it is not a choice then how come there were hardly any gays before just recently?

There weren't any gays before?! :o Because I'm pretty sure the gays were also targeted during the Holocaust.

Condom dispensers; men's best invention. amirite?

There is always that downfall, but some people would rather be a little more sure that they won't get pregnant.

It's not really that annoying that atheists celebrate Christmas and Easter. People are perfectly free to celebrate them in a non-religious way, amirite?
You sometimes wonder if the owners of all the dogs that can ring a doorbell, high-five, or hug on command, have any lives at all.. amirite?

It doesn't take long; my dog can do that and more. Yet I've been out with a friend today and have been doing things this week.

Let me be clear, being gay is NOT a choice. Why the heck would someone CHOOSE for a life full of hardship and discrimination? amirite?
@Ringo_Starr There WERE gays, but not as much

Er....I wasn't even addressing you. o_0 Can you not see that it says Panda at the start of my post?

It's weird to think that about 90% of animal species have not been discovered; there are already so many. What else can the world offer us? amirite?
@The_Enlightened Also kinda weird that scientists are paid to make up bull shit statistics that don't help the world.

Even if it isn't 90%, there are still species out there that we haven't discovered, which weirds me out only because you look at what we already know and think of what we are ignorant to.

Your friend's pets always like you more than your own pets do, amirite?

Well, my friend's pet tries to attack me. So no.

And my dog tries to hump my friend, but he had SA at one point and is still slightly anxious when I'm gone, so no again. xDD

Why the hell would seven year olds need internet on their ipods or nintendo DSIs? amirite?
@Danny Porn.

I wanted to say that. Haha.

It's kind of funny that my phone tries to change "emo" to fool, amirite?

I made it get to 200. >:D Now watch the hoard of people swarm in to dislike.

Post it again get it taken off again.