Quantum Entanglement will provide a scientific basis for understanding of host of phenomena once considered supernatural. Examples might be clairvoyance, genetic inheritance of learned behavior, or even intuition.

I'd rather say "may"

Kirsten Powers: Proving to atheists and agnostics that it really IS possible to find God through Jesus Christ. Amirite?

How hilariously convoluted.

Is it possible to build a modern pyramid in the Sahara desert?

God is gonna get pissed off and throw a tantrum again?

The Senate voted Thurs. 11/21/13, to neuter all Republicans in the Senate. Republicans will no longer be able to block, filibuster, or stop any appointee or nomination sent up by our Comandante. Amirite?

If only you were literal about the neutering...

It's embarrassing that 92% of the 172 songs that made it into the Billboard Top 10 were about sex, amirite?

Can tell they're not the brightest people on that website. "He also discovered that sex sells..." Top notch researcher right there!

Are you happy? What do you think of happiness? What do you think are true meaning of happiness?

True meaning of happiness are Engrish.

Getting married is a civil union of two people right? People of the lgbt community are people aren't we? so why is it that there's people against it?

Cause some inbred wrote in an old book that it is bad and told everyone that Jebus inspired the low brow hatred.

Amnesty for illegals is unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited years, sometimes decades, in line to come to the US, amirite?

Legal immigrants overwhelmingly support illegal ones getting amnesty. Highly doubt they view it as being unfair.

Amirite has lost what it once was. It's just a bunch or polls and riddles now. Not quite the greatness it had been.

Not even close

Toaster Strudel commercials always say that kids would rather eat them than Poptarts, but it's hard to say. It really depends on the situation, amirite?

Eat them both


Meh, He's got a lot of intimacy issues

I'm feeling completely alienated in college. All of my relationships seem to be falling apart. I am a senior. What should I do?

Do a barrel roll

You'd love to wax your boyfreind's legs one day, just so that he will learn to appreciate all the pain that we go through for them, amirite?

Just get a NoNo, bitch.

The death of Trayvon Martin is not an American tragedy, amirite?
Whether the NSA's surveillance programs are lawful or not is irrelevant. It was once legal to own human beings. Laws can be made to permit tyrannical behavior, amirite?