The only reason the Hufflepuffs are so far behind on Pottermore is because when people get placed in Hufflepuff, they get upset and make a new account. Stop it. All the Houses are unique and you should be happy no matter which one you get sorted into. amirite?

I'm a Hufflepuff... It's not. Just because it's not thought of in the movies or books doesn't make it bad. Slitherin is the worst, and I think most people can agree on that.

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Gryffindor is for the brave, Slytherin is for the deceiving, Ravenclaw is for the smart, but you never knew what Hufflepuff was for, amirite?

Hufflepuffs are loyal, trustworthy, friendly, understanding, hard working, excepting, true.

Hufflepuff is the best house. They take everyone. You don't HAVE to be anything. You are yourself.

We are NOT the rest, it really makes me angry when people say that cause it isn't true. If you are a true Harry Potter fan you shouldn't think that.

Tonks is a Hufflepuff. She isn't the rest. Please just stop saying that, because it's not true. We are the best type of people.

Just because they don't get shown love in the books doesn't mean they don't deserve it. If you don't agree well we all have our own opinion, but if you are a Slytherin and you don't like when people call you evil, and you call Hufflepuffs the rest you are a bloody hypocrite.

If you are a Ravenclaw and you don't like being called a nerd, then don't call us the rest.

If you're a Gryffindor and you don't like getting said that you like getting into trouble than don't say anything about Hufflepuffs.

We have the best traits in my eyes. And I hope you guys cal see it too.

Thank you.

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