About me.

Hey :) My name is Christine and I run track and cross country. Oh and this year I'm going to start doing indoor track.

I do marching band, concert band and jazz band for my school (I play the alto sax). I really love band and I actually met my best friend during the marching band season.

I have a couple nicknames, they are chris, christ, chrissy, lizzie, christine-aliniline, and christiney-beany but usually I just go by Christine

My cross country and track teams aren't big but I'm okay with that cause we are like a big family :)

I really enjoy playing and listening to music. I play the alto and tenor sax, violin and I play some songs on the piano. The music I like to listen to ranges from 3OH!3 to Blue Oyster Cult, it all depends on what I'm in the mood to listen to

My current favorite bands are Avion Roe and Phone Calls From Home (check them out, both bands are awesome :) )


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