Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?
Uno must be hard to play in Spanish speaking countries. amirite?
In Harry Potter, images and paintings can be spoken to and they can speak back. Thank goodness Harry doesn't have a body pillow, amirite?

It I had a body pillow it would become solid after about 3 days

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

Honestly, when you're unattractive AND poor and your rich, attractive friend tells you neither of those matter is such a verbal slap in the face. Of course it doesn't matter FOR YOU!!!

We only wear gloves /mittens in winter but we wear socks all year round, amirite?

Depends on your career and hobbies. There are plenty of people who wear gloves all year round. Just not winter gloves. Also socks aren't only meant to keep warm. They are for moisture and odor control and comfort.

If you scroll far enough to the right in Excel, you can create every word in the English language. amirite?

I disagree.

All of your favorite youtubers and celebrities will most likely die in your lifetime. amirite?

Pshh! Jokes on you, I'm older than most of them! ... wait...

Jeff Bezos is worth more Lamborghinis than there are Lamborghinis. amirite?

What?!? My mind is blown 🤯

A thunderstorm is when the sky is water damaged and is electrically short circuiting. amirite?
@UncleStuv Circuits tend to have electricity flowing through them, do they not?

Yes. But saying that thunder (caused by lightning) is from water damage is a poor comparison. Since its not "damage", its the natural order.

If only there were a way to disinfect the human body. If only there were a way to get disinfectant into the human body. If only there were a way to get disinfectant, which is alcohol, into the human body. If only there were a way to get alcohol into the human body. amirite?

So what your saying is to get drunk?

Male protagonists in films/series almost always have no facial hair, amirite?

But they often have stubble


Gravity or weather is what makes things that go bump in the night, amirite?

Or your parents having sex

28-88 seems significant, but 55-115 just isn't comparable, even though they change by the same value, amirite?
Bombs will be harder to defuse if all of its wires were the same colour, amirite?

You get too much of your information from movies.

Potholes are to roads as turbulence is to airspace, amirite?

A quaint analogy, but I've never lost 500 feet in a pothole.