About me.

Well, I am [redacted]. 15, sexy (as you can tell), humble, great sense of humor, always wants to meet new people, and glad that I came across Amirite. I hope that soon I can get POTD and maybe I can be one of the "Big shots". I really like 3oh!3. I just don't know about Kesha though. She's too autotuned. And acts drunk. Ehh, wahtever. About the whole JB thing, I personally don't listen to his music. I changed my opinion of him after the Superbowl commercial when I saw he can take a joke nand made fun of himself. I am just glad that celebrities have a sense of humor in themselves. That is pretty cool to me. Anyway, ask me ANTYHING here http://www.formspring.me/ProbablyaNinja. Add me as afriend. Kthanksbye