It's dumb when a friendship ends just because one of the friends is crushing on the other. A crush doesn't last forever, but a friendship can, amirite?
@exmliaer I wish my now-ex-best-guy-friend was reading this post :(

Oh how much I agree with you -_-

But it'll be okay, think positive. More friends, and better people will come along :]

You love that feeling when you get a bunch of new songs on your Zune, amirite?
@Why the fuck are you so freaked out? What makes Zunes so bad?

It's not that zunes are bad, it's just that Ipods are so much better.

After you've watched the "PETSMARTS DIRTY LITTLE SECRET" video on Youtube, you can't help but hate animal abusers even more, amirite?
@soccergurrl9 It's soooo sad!! :'( I want to do something now about it

It's terrible, because no matter how much people do to stop some things, more bad stuff will happen to innocent little animals :[

What's the point of making a shirt that is see-through (as in the material is just really thin) if you can't wear anything under it that looks good, amirite?
@SaintNICK Haha, hey I would do it...:p

Yeah, but you obviously wouldn't have the same problems I would!

That girl who threw 6 puppies into a river should have her feet and hands cut off, with cement blocks tied to her bloody nubs while she gets thrown into a river so she can be filmed drowning, amirite?
@Nah i just find you laughable at this point and we all know retards dont know that they're retarded (yea im talking...

Who 'tarded? me? I no tarded! I do goodly in life and is soo smarts!

But in all seriousness, I have a right to be disgusted by some sick bitch who thinks killing puppies is fun. You have a right to think it's not important and people should be able to kill innocent life like a sick, twisted sociopath. I'm actually kind of bored of arguing this with you, since I know that most people like when others aren't going around killing their pets.

Pimps don't cry. They never shed a tear, amirite?

Guys... it's the song from The Other Guys! Freaking hilarious...

It's really annoying when you are arguing with someone about something that happened, and they keep disagreeing with you like THEY know what YOU really did/said/saw, amirite?
During the weekend, lunch is a completely unnecessary meal, but as soon as you return back to school, it's like "Bitch, if I don't get my peanut butter sandwich and juice box, somebody is going to die," amirite?
Desk pops are fun! amirite?

What about an apartment pop?!

You want to kill your teacher when they manage to partner you up with the worst kids for a project. amirite?
@IWANTURPEANUTS and you just friggin know that you're going to be the one doing all the work.

Yeah! I do the work every damn time, it's so annoying that they get credit for everything I do.

If you were in the west-coast last night, and you were in Southern Maine, you know how scary it was last night when storm after storm hit, and the weather people were flipping out and telling us all to go into our basements because there were about 4 tornado warnings, amirite?
@lol i HATE typos like that. you sumbit it and then you're like: damn! but i KNOW where maine is!

Haa I was so pissed, because I noticed it after the 3 minutes were up to change it! Fuuuuckkk

Masturbation is a "Don't ask, don't tell" type of deal, amirite?
@th3don I love my friends =D and boobs. I love boobs. Almost as much as my friends

Yeah, boobs are kind of awesome. But I def love my friends more than boobs...

Arise and be all that you dreamed. amirite?
Drug detection dogs are trained by making them addicted to drugs and that's beyond fucked up, amirite?

sigh maybe you should just google it, and then you will see you were mistaken. It's an honest mistake though, so don't worry about it. Many people believe that sniffer dogs got addicted to the drugs, but really they were just trained to find it. Kind of like how dogs are used to track human or game scents?

It's embarrassing to be one of the only people laughing really hard in a movie theater, amirite?
@fatima Hahahahah. Or it'll be like dead silence, and i'm like "HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Oh God that was so funny hahahhahahahaha."...

IKR! And the more you try to stifle your laughter the harder you laugh! God and of course there were very very cute boys behind me -_-

But they were laughing pretty hard too so I guess it's okay _^