You never know when you win the game! Amirite?
you really hate it, when youre listening to a sad smilie song that fits the moment. am I right?
Its stupid when your parents yell at you for being depressed, amirite?

It all depends what you're depressed about

I wonder how many of the kids who make posts about Obama actually know anything about politics. amirite?
@inoimrite Way to copy my name

a) when did you join?
b) I had never seen your name prior to joining
c) Who the fuck cares. GTFO.

No I don't say tight or dope. I don't say sick or wicked. I still just say cool, amirite?

This post is dope, bro.

You've attempted to juggle once in your life. amirite?
America is going deeper and deeper into debt. amirite?

I guarantee everyone who is ignorant about politics will solely blame bush.

You hate it when you say "long story" to avoid having to tell someone the story, and they say "I got time" or something, and make you tell it anyway, amirite?
@That only means they care for you...

Not necessarily, they could just be some dumb bitch trying to start gossip and rumors.

The reason we can't describe how water tastes is because it is, in its self, already a taste. For example; watered down, amirite?
@skr714 The OP is kind of right though...I mean if someone were to blindfold you and give you water, you would know it was...

I have to disagree.

If someone blindfolded you and gave you water, you would know it was water because you taste.. well, water.
Water does have a flavor, you just, as I said, have nothing to compare it to.

People continually say that water has no flavor, when it does.
As I said, the only reason people can't describe how water tastes is because it doesn't taste like anything else.... and because most people can't describe a flavor without comparing it to another flavor.

Thus, you are wrong.
OP is wrong, in one way.
OP is right, due to the fact that water is already a flavor.

When ur in a supermarket and u relaise u dont need a product which is in ur cart/basket u never place it back in its place theyll do it 4 u amirite ? amirite?

I just put it on the nearest shelf.

they pay people to organize the store.
Thus, if I hadn't done what I did, someone would be out of a job.
So I think of it as keeping someone's paychecks rolling in.

you really hate it, when youre listening to a sad smilie song that fits the moment. am I right?
@jesse_james come on, what would you do?

Prior to hearing that, I'd not be nearly as clever as that.

Poured the cereal but there's no milk? Vodka cereal! amirite?

Definitely gonna have to try like.. kahlua or baileys cereal

You make your voice higher when talking to a baby or a pet, amirite?

I talk to my dog like he's a human friend.

Breaking out is annoying. amirite?

This is true, however breaking out...... in spontaneous dance is awesome!

Just because you're sure doesn't mean you're right, amirite?

haha dope as fuck.

reply to a post..... in the form of another post.