Maybe cats think that people are never happy because we don't purr. amirite?

I purr. Don't you?

You don't know how your body functions but your brain does, even though you are your brain. amirite?
@SnooStories Does the brain really "know" like you say? Does a smartphone know how it functions, or does it just function?

How can it just function? Unless it's been programmed by an outside force to function in the way it's been wired.

Fewer and fewer people witness the Milky Way in their lifetime. amirite?
@Milkzey Why I love living in Central Maine. There's literally no light pollution here

Also either the 1st or 2nd least violent state in America. Maine is beautiful culturally as much as it is naturally.

If you own an animal, and you hit it, you're beating your meat. amirite?

No pudding if you don't beat your meat! How can you have any pudding when you don't beat your meat!

Coughing can be used as a self defence mechanism, amirite?
There's no such thing as a stupid question.. Ops hold on, amirite?
Blasters in the Star Wars Universe are either extremely difficult to control for accuracy or poorly designed. amirite?
@Larny2019 For the guns that Imperial stormtroopers use, it was canon for a long time that they were made by the lowest bidder...

I would guess the reason is because there would be such an unimaginably large number of stormtroopers needed to maintain control over an entire galaxy

There's no good general verb form of sex, amirite?
@You are currently sounding like an Indian Facebook user lol

That's the point like this. Your bobs very big they are very sex oh yes so good

Apple decided to not include a charger and earpods with latest release. Soon they'll offer you only a thousand dollar screen and you'll have to buy the phone separately. amirite?

I'm waiting the the Apple Pi.

You don't know how your body functions but your brain does, even though you are your brain. amirite?
Some people believe those that blink when others pretend to hit them are weak and cowardly, but that actually indicates their brain is smart enough to protect their eyes when danger approaches their face. amirite?

Exactly, why would i just try to take the hit?

A vasectomy/tubal ligation is spaying and neutering for humans. amirite?

No it's not

Spaying would be the equivalent of a full hysterectomy of a woman.

Neutering would be the equivalent of removing a man's balls i.e. castration.

So very much not the same thing.

When an orphan takes a selfie, they are actually taking a family photo, amirite?

Let's be honest here it is a good one if you have a sick sense of humor. I get it

Light year is a gigantic waste of time. amirite?

You should've said a galactic waste of time.

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

Duh, that's not just in the movies; why would a monster show up under the bed or in the closet if you're sleeping with mom and dad? Anyone knows they only show up when you're alone!