About me.

Here's my little box of things you probably don't care about and most likely won't take the time to read, anyway.

I'd tell you what my username means, but that would take all the fun out of you figuring it out yourself. Which shouldn't be too hard, you're free to cheat off of all the other people who already know.
I debated changing my name to Perkele, but I enjoy all the "Ich liebe dich auch" messages I get too much.
I speak bits of German and Norwegian, and I'm interested in Italian and Russian. I adore history, and probably know more useless facts about it than is completely normal.
Nothing bothers me more than hate, ignorance, and people sticking their noses where they don't belong. Don't like it? I respect your opinion. But it's just that: Your opinion. Don't push it on other people.
I like Anime. :D Feel free to chat with me about it, or strike up a conversation with me about anything at all, I'm usually a pretty friendly person.

... Whoever can guess what country the flag in my picture is from, without cheating (looking it up, looking at messages to see if anyone else has guessed right, etc), gets a cookie.