Cricket is much better than baseball. Amirite?
@Emperorerror They're almost exactly the same...

They are completely different. Cricket is a lot more tactical then baseball and there are lot more factors that change the game. It takes more skill (personal opinion) and it is a hell of a lot more complicated then baseball. Baseball players are also wimpy. They catch the ball with a glove. Whereas a cricketer will stand two yards from the batter and catch it with their bare hands.

The south of England is much better then the North. Amirite?
@WolfeDeWary Leeds FTW mate

Not dirty leeds. Sussex is the best place in Britain and possibly the world. And home to the mighty Brighton and Hove Albion.

Saturdays are made for football. Without football they are boring. amirite?
@Skr3wBall Isn't it called Sunday Night Football... and Super Bowl Sunday...?

Sorry, there is room for confusion here. I am talking about proper football. That game you call soccer. It should be played at 3pm on a Saturday.

The program '2 broke girls' does not make sense. If they are broke then they would not be able to pay for a horses food. Obvious stupidities in TV programs are really annoying. amirite?