Three people pretty much fill up a bench, unless they're all babies, amirite?

You always have to wonder what thoughts provoke posts like this.

You'd think that after a while, Scooby and Shaggy would stop being such pussies when they see a ghost or something. They should know it's just someone in a costume. amirite?

They were just stoned.

Why does it even matter if you wear a hat in class, amirite?

Because obviously teenagers can stash their drugs in hats with ease.

Girls: The knee is the worst place to shave, amirite?

Shaving pubes sucks.

They're just jealous that you've been chatting online with hot babes all day, amirite?


Pmagine pf pverything parted pith p. Pretty peculiar, amirite?

Trying to read this just makes me say "poo" and "pee" in my head a lot.

If you don't have timeline on Facebook, you feel like you're the last of a dying breed, amirite?

Facebook forced me to get timeline!! There's no going back.

In that Milky Way commercial, they say that chocolate filled with caramel is better than a swimming pool filled with caramel. Personally, you would rather have a swimming pool filled with caramel, amirite?

A pool-sized Milky Way.

Instead of cutting off breasts when someone gets breast cancer, they should make them bigger so the cancer takes longer to spread and guys can have fun with them. amirite?

Mmm, I'm going to have to question your logic, sir.

If you think about it, messing up a spider web is actually really mean. The spider spent all night to make it perfect. It shouldn't be "gross" to you. Amirite?

I always apologize when I walk through their webs.

In movies when a girl takes her shirt off she never has a bra on, amirite?

You must watch a lot of porn.

I think that petting my cat has made me better at giving head. It makes sense, though; You become so much more keenly aware of what the object of your attention likes and learn to focus on the little things you can do to make them feel good, amirite?
I before E, except after C . . . and in the words . . . atheism beige being caffeine casein cleidoic codeine conscience counterfeit deifdeity deign deil disseize dreidel eider eighteither feign feint feisty foreign forfeit freight geisha gleization gneiss greige greisen heifer heist inveigle kaleidoscope keister leisure monteith neighbor neither obeisance their seeing seine seismic seize seizin sheik sheila sovereign veil vein weight surveillance weird, etc . . . amirite?

You forgot Budweiser.

No thanks, I don't want my Nickleback. You can keep it. amirite?

What about your quarterback?

People on the internet think they are perfect and have to show everyone how to be a liberal hippy douche bag, amirite?

Hey, I like being a liberal hippie douche bag!