The Sheikh of Dubai built a stadium especially for the wedding event of his son, and the marriage cost 100 million dollars. There are millions of starving people across the world. Sometimes the world just doesnt make sense, amirite?

I live in Dubai, and I love it more than anywhere. It's amazing in every way. But the locals have way to much money, it's very capitalist based, and the society and way of living is really hedonistic and somewhat pathetic. Anyway, haaha thought I'd share that

downloading music is for fat, poor bastards that don't respect artists and don't fully appreciate music, amirite?
There are so many stupid, trying-too-hard posts on here nowadays, amirite?

Is your user name meant to resemble Genitalia? If so, it's super funny, haha x

In the movies, when attractive women get called on by the police whilst driving, the cop's always flirty and says stuff like "just be more careful next time ;)". When in reality, that would never happen and they'd get the same fine as anyone else, amirite?
It's annoying when people use "unconsciously" instead of "subconsciously." (i.e. I unconsciously changed your mind) amirite?

Oh gosh, I know. Like when someone says, "I unconciously glanced at her", oh really, like you were passed out yet still managed to glance at her.

If you hate a teacher, you always tell yourself that right before you graduate you'll tell them off to their face and then feel liberated, but it never actually happens, amirite?

Jealous.Really want to do that myself, it'll happen!

It satisfactory to see a horrible child get disciplined and become speechless, amirite?

I think you meant to say 'satisfying' x

Dear FIAT, you are Italian, make a supercar already, amirite?

Fiat owns Ferrari.... You do know that right?

Everything for a germ is a massive cliff; the bristles of your toothbrush are their deathly hallows, amirite?

hahaha, you're right. I really don't have any idea

The funniest tv shows usually don't have a laugh track, because people shouldn't have to be alerted when the joke was made, amirite?

I agree; like how i met your mother for example. But friends is the exception

It's annoying when people use "unconsciously" instead of "subconsciously." (i.e. I unconsciously changed your mind) amirite?
@coasterkid Unconsciously is different from unconscious. Subconsciously and subconsciously are synonyms according to...

u just said subconciously and subconciously are synonyms, though I think they are infact the same word :p x

It's sad when someone asks "Are you okay? You look sick!" or "Are you tired? You look it" when really you feel fine but you now have to pretend to be tired or sick so they don't know you just look like shit all of the time. amirite?

Your username is awesome !

'LOL' is an abbreviation, not an acronym, and should be used accordingly, amirite?

What's "LOL" an 'abbreviation' for? Isn't it an acronym for "laugh out loud" or "lots of love"?

It sucks when you're singing really loud while home alone and then realize the neighbors can hear you. amirite?

hahaha that's so true! It happened to me once, and I could have sworn they heard me because I could hear like the slightest of taps from their side after I ended my solo looool

Appreciation for classical artwork is on the decline. It's very sad to know that art galleries are losing monet these days, amirite?

that's so true; classical art evokes true skill and talent and got genuine appreciation before. Now, people can 'interpret' modern art in any way, it doesn't really show any skill. It's funny to think that Michael Angelo painted the sisteen chapel over a period of year and considered a great artist, and some one now can draw a red line across a huge canvas, splatter shit on it and they are also considered a master of art. funny right?