President Bush did NOT get us into any type of mess, he was doing his best to get us out of the one the terrorists gave us, amirite?
@LeoEckman I believe you just got reverse trolled

lol no wonder they dont even know bush suckedd

Amirite needs it's own app, just so it can compete with MLIA and FML, amirite?

the app is in process, not like amirite isn't better either way

You hate it when you're so tired, that you don't even care. if your car caught on fire, you'd say "bring me some damn marshmellows." amirite?
Sometimes you really wonder why someone would vote no on an awesome post, amirite?
Anthony should make a mobile version of amirite chat, amirite?
@FrankOcean Oh, ok.

you could register for
and then go to if your phone supports it :)

How did everyone get a face-palm emoticon and where can I get one, amirite?
Its too annoying when this writing appears '' Your post was removed because: it's a personal opinion - people can't answer that.''..:I, amirite?

They can't, you said "I hate it when people but in my buisness..."

Happy birthday, amirite! amirite?

ffs, not till sunday ono smilie

Rocky never actually deletes posts or does mod work, he just goes around being all cool and sexy. amirite?
You secretly have a crush on Pedo Bear. amirite?


You've never really seen a girl make a boy cry unless it's in movies, amirite?
@i wish i was soft. but i just can't do it. sometimes when you pretend something for long enough, it becomes true...

Yes, I know what you mean, I've always been soft, I've always pittied those, and such , it's not so great :p

All stereotypes are true because how could people have thought of them if they never saw it. Don't argue that because you know I'm right. Asians suck at driving is one of them, and is true, amirite?
The mods are kinda abusing their power... amirite?
@haraSSarah That's sad if you think those are humorous....

I don't
apparently, you users do, i really could care less should let you use emoticons in comments, amirite?
A porn video will probably be made based on the story of the Chilean miners. Watch out for "Hard Rock Underground", "33 Men In A Mine" or "A Not-So-Miner Orgy" coming soon, amirite?