A large amount of people alive today are older than the internet, amirite?

I am roughly 36 years older than the internet.

Happy New Year Piper! I'll take a cup of kindness with you, old friend. hug smilie

People who dont accept apologies are the same people who dont give them, amirite?

Giving and accepting apologies is one of the most healing tools we have (for the giver and the receiver). I'm very grateful for the chance to make things right when I've hurt someone.

@dru18 We have lost Will.

Oh no! One of my favorite people! cry smilie

Well, not exactly. I'm in my 70's, but very childlike .... I hope that counts. a smilie

Even though it makes little sense, come tax time you'd prefer getting an income tax refund rather than owing the government money, amirite?

It's rather like a little savings program throughout the year ... now if only they paid interest! hehe smilie

You will literally never know exaxtly what you look like, everything is a reflections or an imperfect camera, amirite?

I think I like it that way. hehe smilie

We all cant be right

True! But we all have the right to be wrong. hehe smilie

Everybody is the hero of their own story, amirite?

My grandpa is the hero in my life story. a smilie

You can really learn a lot about a person by walking into where they live and saying, "Alexa, continue.", amirite?

You wouldn't learn a thing at my home .... Alexa doesn't live here. hehe smilie

There is a wide range of autistic characteristics. Some people in the spectrum become very successful parents.

We're the final generation that can speak to WW2 veterans. amirite?
@No one weeps for the Nam vets... ever notice?

I do. And one of my dearest friends is listed on the memorial. cry smilie

Apple pie tastes really good but the texture is nasty amirite?

I like everything about apple pie! a smilie

May I have this dance? You post the song. I've danced with fun people all my life .... boys, girls, sweethearts, children, mom, brother, and I miss it!

Both wonderful! Thanks Buck! a smilie

We're the final generation that can speak to WW2 veterans. amirite?

Yes. They were the parents of my generation, and there aren't many still living.