Girls: Theres always going to be that girl you think is much prettier, funnier, sweeter and just generally more perfect but have you ever realized that you're probably that girl to someone else? amirite?

wow thanks, boosted my self-confidence...been pretty down on myself lately =/

Sometimes it's annoying to have a really good memory, because when you can recall a fact about someone that normal people don't remember, you look like a creepy stalker, amirite?

happens to me all the time. if you tell me your birthday once I literally remember it for the rest of my life. I still remember people's birthdays from 2nd grade that I don't talk to now at all and some people just think I am a stalker when it comes to that -_-

Dirty hands? No napkin? Use your dog! amirite?

wtf kinda post is this

Inception is like an awesome attention test. You didn't get it the first time you watched it? You failed! amirite?

all I have to say is Inception is one of the best movies ever created.

you almost never use periods in a senctance while txting anymore. you only use them for awkward pauses. you us 'lol's to end a sentance, amirite?


Taylor Swift looks kinda asian, amirite?

her nose also makes her look like a pig. So she's an asian pig.

Girls: You like looking at other girls. Not out of attraction, but in a way of getting inspiration from their hair or makeup. amirite?

wow i thought i was the only one! glad i'm not alone (:

It sucks when you really hate someone, but everyone thinks that you secretly like them, just because you hate them so much. amirite?

same thing with me and my science teacher...i even told him to his face that i hate him and everyone still thinks that i like him. What dumbasses -_-

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allan Poe knew what Inception was way before it was made, amirite?

All I can say is Inception was probably the best movie ever made.

What people really need is a site for purely anonymous ranting/venting, amirite?

isn't that called formspring?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. And very talented. amirite?

I absolutely loved him in Inception <3
me and my friend dedicated a day to just watching movies he was in :D

As a kid, we all had those beliefs that we now think are completely stupid, like thinking everyone lives to exactly 100, or that war is won by whoever kills the most people after a certain amount of time, amirite?

damn. i still thought the war one :/

It's sad that a hundred people could tell you you're pretty and you won't believe it, but once just one person says you're ugly it ruins your self esteem, amirite?

that's so true =/
it especially sucks when you have trust issues and you have no idea which person to believe

It's not all about looks. I know what I look like, you don't have to comment on it every godforsaken moment we talk. amirite?
Mulan is the best Disney Princess. She joined the army, made everyone think she was a guy, made the captain think he was gay, totally defeated the Huns, and saved China. All Sleeping Beauty did was wake up, amirite?

i love this post xD