Given the queen of England's age she is probably raciest. I mean she hides it well, but she was around when apartheid was a blaze in south Africa, and she was there when England was stomping on India. And when England was playing the whole oh "Hitler's just playing with the Jews" phase. I mean she was around through the most atrocious events in human history, furthermore she kind of sat by while this happened. In all seriousness the queen of England's old, but probably evil, amirite?

What was she supposed to do about the Nazi regime? She didn't become queen until 1952- on top of that, the British monarch doesn't have much real power to do anything. Blame the Prime Minister.

Everyone should be required to serve at least one year in the Peace Corps. Imagine what good it would do. amirite?

Service and charity work is only successful if it is sincere- if one is forced to serve other people it is reluctant and shoddy work at best.

Musicians- You really wish you could travel back in time and visit Bach, Mozart or some other classical composer and play some modern music and see what they say, amirite?
@They'd probably be like-- "Why the hell am I even bothering?"

I personally would really want to play some jazz for Bach on an organ or harpsichord haha

If education wasn't so expensive, there would be a lot less ignorant people in this world.

No amount of social or educational reform will change the fact that some people suffer from severe cases of Total Moron Syndrome. One needn't be uneducated to suffer from TMS; in fact, it's often been argued that it's more common in educated circles.

The point being that a lot of people will always be idiots regardless of their educational status.

Multiculturalism is a bad "ism" It's assumed to be a proper social condition. It's held in societal place by manipulation and white guilt. It exists to empower and lucratively exploit whites and others perceived to have held power too long. Multiculturalism is the beast's backbone created to annihilate the USA and her genuine allies. Advocates for multiculturalism are prone to instant gratification, emotionalism and any short term gain. To destroy the West is to destroy civilization.

Since when is multiculturalism the same as destroying the West or fueled by white guilt? I see many leaps that don't logically follow.

It's weird to think that names like Jessica or Rachel will probably be considered "old lady names" in the future, amirite?

Fortunately, my name hasn't ever been particularly popular so it's generation-less :-D

It's as ridiculous to compare science and religion as it is to try to substitute one for the other. Science is analyzing the natural world whereas religion is trying to find meaning in the world. They are different concepts that do not need to contradict each other. That's about the same as trying to compare drama class with textiles class. They both can work together, but are different aspects of the same production. Amirite?

Religion and science are intended to coexist. As Wernher von Braun said, "Science and religion are not antagonists. On the contrary, they are sisters. While science tries to learn more about the creation, religion tries to better understand the Creator."
Some contend that science disproves religion, but they forget that religion cannot and is not supposed to be proven. If I could prove the existence of God, faith would go out the window and religion would be pointless. Without the necessary element of faith (belief in and knowledge of things not seen which are true), religion would cease to be.

People shouldn't throw their cigarette butts out the car window. amirite?

Growing up in Salt Lake City, I know this well- one summer there was a drought. Some moron threw a cigarette butt (still lit) out of his car while on a freeway that passed my elementary school. A small field of grass, dry and yellowed, burst into flame while I was at recess.

"Because the Bible says so," is never a good argument, amirite?

Not necessarily so. The Bible isn't the ultimate source of authority in all facets of life but it generally provides good ideas and doctrines on how to live. Would I consult the Bible on everything? No. There are parts of the Bible missing, literally lost in translation. However, it is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly and in most circumstances it is a valid source of insight.

Carpe Diem: The first YOLO.

lolno. In Dead Poets Society it's made clear that "carpe diem" doesn't mean "do whatever the helk you please". It means "make your life extraordinary". YOLO means "do whatever you want without regard for the consequences".

Religion is high functioning autism. amirite?

This is offensive on so many levels as a religious believer and as a person with AS. This kind of mockery only serves to divide society and create enmity- even if it's entertaining at the time, it brings in a third party to be the clown unwillingly. Promise me you won't breed, please.

Religion is high functioning autism. amirite?
@twat_waffle (jazzman3) Shut the fuck up. I'm so happy religion is going extinct. Look it up. It's gonna happen.

I'm more offended by you bringing autism into the mix. I've been mocked for being religious up and down all my life, I can handle that. What I won't stand for is being mocked for a mental disability.

Franchise is your favourite word, amirite?

Actually, I really like a lot of German words....Schadenfreude and Schmerzensgewalt come to mind.

There is a growing anti-Christian sentiment in America- if one professes to be Christian (or religious at all, for that matter), one tends to be seen as: a) radically conservative b) intolerant c) stubbornly closed-minded This is unfair to those of us who are religious and may or may not be part of the religious right. amirite?
@jason Yes, how unfair. Because history and current society has taught us that Muslims and Jews have it way too easy...

I understand that we have it relatively easy- I just don't like being misrepresented any more than Jews or Muslims do. I don't claim that Christians have the short end of the stick in America, nor do I think that "we're losing America". However, the point of my post is that certain groups of Christianity add to the noted anti-Christian sentiment and give the rest of us a bad name.

$10 still isn't high enough.