People with smaller residencys tend to overcompensate by having too much furniture. People with a larger residency are more minimalist and tend to have less furniture, amirite?

maybe everybody has the exact same amount of furniture it's just that if you put it in a bigger space it looks like less and if you put it in a smaller space it looks like more

Many people avoid drivers with good conversation skills, amirite?

Good conversation skills include knowing when people don't want to talk.

When you close your eyes, your eyes are still functioning and can never been turned off, but if you got rid of the eyelid you could never close your eyes and they would dry out, amirite?

Ummm what? Lol!

It will be quite difficult to make country borders on Mars so there maybe a chance that there will world peace, amirite?
"Hey Alexa" or "Hey Siri" isn't to get your device to listen, it's to get your device to respond. amirite?
Everyone who can see now has 20/20 vision. amirite?
Stepsisters are much 'nicer' in porn than in fairytales, amirite?

In real life they're nice too

Being a mind reader is depressing, amirite?
You will never make a claim on your life insurance. amirite?

You have really not been zombified before?

Life sentence is worse than death, because you have to live with no longer meaning anything for who knows how long. amirite?

Yea but you can find joy in reading and even thinking... when your dead you are just dead

When you are in a scary place with one other person you are less afraid because the chances of something bad happening to you are reduced by 50%. amirite?

I'd be afraid AND annoyed if the other person is panicking and making it seem worse.

You don't need to try it yourself to be 100% certain that a person's pee tastes exactly like human urine. amirite?
@KilljoyX Exactly. Get the weird kid in the back of the class to do it.

You don't need to volunteer. Whatever it tastes like, it's human urine. It tastes like what it is.

Women are so used to wearing makeup and using filters and selective angles on their camera that they cringe anytime a camera is pointed at them that they aren't holding, amirite?

Just the insecure ones.....

The end of day light saving in October, actually makes October the longest month of the year. amirite?

....but it is in November.