Oprah is coming to Australia. So what? We want Ellen! amirite?

And Dori can go back to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

You've had a teacher with an awesome last name, amirite?

Mrs. Disco for history. And there's a sub at my school named Mr. Partee.

It's amazing when something is way less painful/stressful/etc. than you expected it would be, amirite?

Like getting a cavity filled. NBD.

Eating is just something you do not do while watching Greys Anatomy, amirite?

I eat while I watch Bones.. What's wrong with eating while you watch Grey's Anatomy?

You hate it when you're at a restaurant and the waitress comes back to ask about your food right after she's handed it to you. "How is everything?" "…Well it just looks fantastic. Come back in 30 more seconds after I’ve had a chance to put some of it in my mouth.", amirite?

That happened to me tonight, the waitress hadn't brought us the food, and she asked us how everything was. But yeah, they're just making sure you don't need anything and such..

There needs to be a store that sells all the items the girls on Pretty Little Liars wear...except for Spencer, amirite?

I love the way Spencer dresses. And all the others, too :)

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Harry Potter movies have the best music/ orchestras of all time, amirite?

Hans Zimmer did the POTC soundtrack, and he's pretty much the best composer for movie soundtracks.

We all know that one person who can get rid of anybodys hiccups just by looking at them, amirite?

My band director.

Five hours on a crowded bus can make you despise the person your next to a whole lot more, even if they are your best friend, amirite?
Every instrument section in band has their own personality, amirite?

I'm gonna follow the trend and say what it's like in my (marching) band:
Flutes- giggle a lot, smart and fun to talk to
Clarinets- either really annoying or know-it-alls.
Saxes/low reeds- super funny & random, perverted and weird
Mellos- spontaneous and the cool kids
Trumpets- wannabe Mellos
Trombones/baritones- not very loud and don't have much personality
Tubas- loud and rambunctious (sp?) but cool/funny
Pit- in their own world
Drumline- perverted and also in their own world.
Not separately, but as a whole. There are a lot of exceptions..

Bobs by Sketchers are a total rip off of TOMS, amirite?

I like what they do, but they didn't have to make the name almost the same and the shoes looks almost the same as TOMS..

So I've figured that at night, people are either really lonely and need to talk to someone.. or they're really horny and need to bang someone.. amirite?

Or sleeping.

The biggest transition in high school is going from sophomore to junior, amirite?

That's what I'm doing right now, I still can't believe I'm gonna be an upperclassman, it seems like I'm so much closer to graduating..

Sheet music readers: You can't imagine a world where the note "H" exists. amirite?

The wind symphony at my school played Pasacaglia: Homage on BACH and it used H, like in Germany.. It's a weird concept.

Would suck if you stepped on a screw. And instead of just pulling it out of your foot, it had to be unscrewed, amirite?

This happened to a kid on my crew on a mission trip, and I was the one to unscrew it..