Americans probably didn't know Norway existed until the horrible attacks yesterday. amirite?

..not all of us are stupid, stereotyping jerk.

3 is the best letter in the rainbow. amirite?
You've had a teacher with an awesome last name, amirite?

Mrs. Disco for history. And there's a sub at my school named Mr. Partee.

It sucks when you don't gain weight even though you eat a lot just because of your fast metabolism, amirite?

Unless you weigh 90 lbs and you are severely underweight and your body will not let you gain weight, so you are stuck looking anorexic. Not exactly my case, but I know a few people who can't gain weight :(

In movies/TV shows, whenever a character is going to tell another character the truth about something, the character they're going to tell it to has a heartfelt speech about how much they appreciated something or how it ruined their life. ex: Bob steals Sally's dog. "Hey Sally, I just wanted to say-" "Hey Bob, WHOEVER STOLE MY DOG RUINED MY LIFE, now what did you want to tell me?", amirite?

Or if Jason is about to break up with Judy. Jason: "we need to talk." Judy: "oh I just wanted to say how awesome the last few weeks have been and..I love you." Jason: "uhh, I love you too"

Oprah is coming to Australia. So what? We want Ellen! amirite?

And Dori can go back to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

You can't help but smile when your state is mentioned on TV or in a movie, especially if you live in one of the 'forgettable' states, amirite?

Georgia, FTW.

It's awesome when there's a fermata after a megarest so you don't have to count the rests, amirite?

I thought it was hilarious the first time I saw a fermata over a rest..

It's understandable when the older sibling is given more privileges and responsibilities than the younger sibling, but it is just WRONG the other way around, amirite?
@qwerty123 Unless the younger sibling is more mature and responsible..

Yeah, that's the case in my family. Except that I've gotten privileges and responsibilities at an earlier age than my brother because I can handle them better, but that's because I am more mature. I'm 16 and he's almost 20 and in jail.

You hate it when you're at a restaurant and the waitress comes back to ask about your food right after she's handed it to you. "How is everything?" "…Well it just looks fantastic. Come back in 30 more seconds after I’ve had a chance to put some of it in my mouth.", amirite?

That happened to me tonight, the waitress hadn't brought us the food, and she asked us how everything was. But yeah, they're just making sure you don't need anything and such..

Bobs by Sketchers are a total rip off of TOMS, amirite?

I like what they do, but they didn't have to make the name almost the same and the shoes looks almost the same as TOMS..

Marching band is infinitively better than football, amirite?

Marching band definitely isn't a sport (I'm in marching band myself), and neither is cheerleading, but it is a very physical activity that is great to be a part of and to watch.

Out of all the TV theme songs, the Big Bang Theory is probably the most creative, amirite?

Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery, it all started with a big bang!

And yeah, it's between that and Fresh Prince :D

Eating is just something you do not do while watching Greys Anatomy, amirite?

I eat while I watch Bones.. What's wrong with eating while you watch Grey's Anatomy?

There needs to be a store that sells all the items the girls on Pretty Little Liars wear...except for Spencer, amirite?

I love the way Spencer dresses. And all the others, too :)