@JerryHendrickson He's 71 years-old and people make fun of his looks. Hopefully karma will come back on them when they're elderly...

I think he is good looking. Only the liberals have something nasty to say, their nasty to begin with.
You know who you are.

IF you have a fierce argument with a good do you get back to stabilizing the relationship? You know...regain that neutral vibe?

Rare I've ever had such an argument to be honest.

@JerryHendrickson Only you understood my sense of humor.

And what a funny sense of humour it is Jerry. 乂ᵒ◡^乂
Image in content

Do you have any tattoos?
What is your stance on farting infront of your significant other?
@JerryHendrickson Feet shoulder width apart with butt sticking out.

Yep butt sticking out ass cheeks spread haha.

I used to be able to make friends easily, but these days I'm mostly a rather private person. Probably has something to do with the health problems, I don't connect with people that easily. It makes them to feel uncomfortable and uneasy, which is a shame.

I find it easy to be friendly to most people. Bridging the gap between being friendly and becoming friends is another story.

I've mentioned on other posts that I enjoy being home, doing things at home - I'm an at home kind of guy. Spending time with other people often involves being away from home.

I make pleasant acquaintances easily. Friends take more time, but it's not a struggle. It's more of a wariness. :)