If you aren't ready to have a baby, don't have sex, amirite?

If you aren't ready to have a baby, don't have a baby

Everyone talks about the poor nice guys in the friend zone; what about all the nice girls stuck there! amirite?
Not having had your first kiss by the age of 14 is normal, amirite?

Having your first kiss by 14 is also normal

Girls: Theres ONE guy that you would definitely consider being a slut for. amirite?

If it's one guy, isn't that the opposite of a slut?

Your hand is always the best alternative to paper, amirite?

not when it comes to the toilet

Dear movie directors: animation OR real people, not both, amirite?

this better not be aimed at the deathly hallows because the way they did the three brothers story was genius

Teachers should get payed more or at least receive a bit more credit for what they do, after all if it weren't for them we would have no education, and nobody to train us for our future career, amirite?

your teacher probably shouldn't have been PAID more ;) just sayin'

It's always funny when an atheist calls a Christian "close-minded". Aren't you the one who'll only believe something if you see it? amirite?

I was raised christian and chose athiesm when I was old enough to realise the sheer hypocrisy of the bible and the illogical nature of religion in general

When kids in China and Germany don't learn about their country's bad history, how will they know not to do the same thing, amirite?

Kids in Germany do learn about it, don't they? China seems generally messed up.....

13 year olds should not be in college, regardless how smart they are, amirite?
@LittleMissBANG The problem isn't with them being smart enough, it has to do with social skills. thirteen year olds cannot learn...

i get your point but it seems like a waste of potential if they're clearly gifted academically, and just staying static rather than progressing

anthony, you've created a monster...

13 year olds should not be in college, regardless how smart they are, amirite?

I don't know..if they've already done their A-levels or the American equivalent it seems ridiculous to make them wait almost a decade to go onto the next stage of education

abortion is bad, people should just put their babies up for adoption if they dont want them, not kill it, amirite?

use the search button OP, about a million people beat you to this post.

When you think about it, there's practically no way any religion is COMPLETELY true, amirite?
The Pope, the voice of god, leader of the catholic church and protector of paedophiles cannot pass moral judgement on anybody else. Evil bastard. Amirite?