Girls: Sometimes you wish you could just walk around in a sports bra. amirite?
I wonder what a burglar would do if he broke down your door, walked in, and you were standing right there, drinking your coffee. Naked. amirite?

Depends on how attractive you are and your gender.

Swimming is not just a sport, it's a survival skill. Not many other sports can claim that, am I right?
@MaryKateBurnett Hunting?


an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

You flirt with your friends of the opposite sex even though you'd probably never date half of them, amirite?

Friends of the opposite sex? HA!

Guys, you have a bit of a crush on at least one female amirite user, amirite?
It would be cool to know how many votes in total this site has accumulated since it started, amirite?
Guys: when you mow the yard and you try really hard not to miss any, but you seem to miss only one patch of grass when your done thats how girls feel when the shave there legs and miss a patch of hair, amirite?

I never miss a spot when I mow the lawn. Maybe I should start shaving womens legs professionally.

Take a piece of string and wrap it around the earth's equator, and then add one meter to the string's length. Now wrap it around again in a perfect circle so that it's floating above the equator, and measure the width of the gap between the string and the ground. Now do the same thing with a golf ball. Both gaps have the same width, amirite?

I interpreted it as instructing me to wrap a string around the equator a second time, this time with a golf ball on my person.

Guys: if you could auto-fellatio you'd totally do it, amirite?

"Yeah, you're getting your dick sucked, but you're also sucking a dick."

I'm watching pom, and you totally misread that. amirite?
@Kurrainette Or you lack common sense.

@1041893 (Kurrainette): I got the joke. I just wondered if pom was a real thing.

It's kind of creepy when guys insist on telling you repeatedly "I'm not a killer or anything... I hope I don't make you feel uncomfortable." amirite?

I'll be hurrying around campus and I'll run down a hallway with a girl at the end of it, so from her perspective I'm just some crazy guy sprinting at her, and I feel the need to shout, "Don't worry i'm not going to murder you."

Complete stranger.

R.I.P to the 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P to the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit. Amirite?

That's odd, I just checked the Ariana website and I found literally no news about Western troops killing anyone. What I did find were things like this:

-6 killed and 4 injured in Kabul suicide attack
-95 civilians killed and wounded in suicide attack during a funeral ceremony
-17 people killed and injured in clash between Taliban and illegal armed group in Kunduz
-Suicide Attack in Wardak leaves 6 killed and 6 injured

And that's going back to the beginning of the month. In that same time-span, I found one article that spoke negatively of the West, and that was a very poorly written article about a village protesting NATO night raids, during which there were no instances of Americans killing innocent people. There were no instances on Americans killing anyone over the ten days of news that I went through, something which you claim happens everyday.

I realize that American troops have killed civilians and that it happens more often than is reported in the American media, but the Insurgents seem to have made it their objective to kill as many civilians as possible.

Rather than continue fighting a war that isn't changing anything, the US should hunt down and assassinate the leaders of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, amirite?

I hope everybody realizes that that's pretty much what we're trying to do. They're kinda hard to find. They're not in the book.

Whenever a form asks what the highest level of education each of my parents received was, I'm like Uhhhhhh...

I don't want to kill any of them. And I don't want to be gay.