You sometimes wonder where people get their usernames from, amirite?

Well, I suppose I should start from the beginning.

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then God said, "let there be light." And there was light. And He saw that it was good, and it was good...

Guys: You feel bad for girls because they can't experience the feeling of shaved balls, amirite?

Girls: if you want you can experience my shaved balls.

You've taken a picture of your penis or vagina before, amirite?

Yes, just to see if the camera would add ten pounds.

im an atheist, but im not close minded, ill be religious in two seconds if you had proof, amirite?
@I'm religious, but i'm not close minded, i'll be an atheist in two seconds if you had proof :-)

It doesn't work like that. Atheists don't have to prove shit because it's entirely plausable that there is no god. That's like a police officer shooting someone because there was no proof they didn't have a gun. You have to prove that there is one, not that there isn't.

The reason peeing in the shower is gross, is because even when you aim for the drain, not all of it goes down instantly. Therefore, you stand in your own piss. amirite?

Pee is sterile and can actually act as a disinfectant. Soldiers used to pee on their feet in 'Nam to keep them healthy.

When you really think about death, that you'll be dead for the rest of forever, its really scary amirite?

I was dead for billions of years before I was born and it never did me any harm.

You'd picture a John Smith in your head as having a boring job like an accountant or something, amirite?

I always assume that John Smith is a pseudonym and there isn't really anyone named John Smith. Then again, what would I know?

Girls, why is it that it seems like all the 'sexy' underwear out there is the type that rides up your bum? Amirite?

The sexiest underwear is no underwear.

There's something wrong when a politician thinks they can win by putting out negative ads against their opponents rather than positive ads about themselves, amirite?

"Anyone who's throwing dirt is losing ground."

It's not weird to have stuffed animals in your bed when you're a thirteen year old girl, amirite?

I'm an 18 year old boy and I have a stuffed animal in my bed.

Guys:when you see a hot girl with big boobs you can't help but think "holy shit! I wonder if they're real", amirite?

I don't wonder if they're real, I check.

Time travel is going to have been confusing. amirite?

Trust me, it was.

There's a special spot in Hell for all these banana-flavored Laffy Taffy's, amirite?

No, banana is the best.

School books should not have any political bias in them, amirite?

My god damn calculus book keeps telling me to vote republican!

Amirite should be converted into a dating site every Valentines day, amirite?

Implying that Amirite isn't a dating site on all other days?