Pranks and cringe are the lowest forms of media. amirite?
We use dead dinosaurs to pay for dead dinosaurs to put in dead dinosaurs. amirite?

When you buy a plastic dinosaur with plastic money and pay for gas to drive it home

"Immersive" games ruin gaming. amirite?

imo games with a lot of cutscenes are anything but immersive

sweatpants should not be seen as lazy or less professional than regular pants, amirite?

I have an office job and a lot of my colleagues wear sweatpants. I do quite often too. And nobody cares, nor is seen as unprofessional

I prefer Van Hagar over Van Halen by a LONG SHOT. amirite?

Dude, the true stadium anthems happen under haggar.
Right Now?!
Love walks in!
Why cant this be love.
Summer Nights?!

I love that love walks in is actually about aliens and isnt symbolism.

Theres an authenticity that happens with sammy on the mic thats more then brovado.

I agree!

Bike Lanes Are Dangerous And Stupid, amirite?

As a guy from the Netherlands, come visit our country and see how it should be done. Bike lanes are awesome. But they require a change in infrastructure and mindset from other trafic.

The notion of "no pain, no gain" is a dangerous myth that can leave individuals with irreparable physical damage - Rest and recovery are just as important as exercise, amirite?

I mean technically speaking it just means you need to push your muscles to failure in order for them to sctually grow. That is where you will experience a certain amount of pain.

Living next to or near an airport or train tracks is not bad at all. amirite?

My first house had a train directly in my Back yard. It was annoying the first 3-5 days and then I literally couldn't hear it anymore. People would come over and point it out to me but I would go months and months with out even noticing a train go by

You don't "eat with your eyes", you eat with your nose! amirite?

Surely with your mouth.

It's not a "free app" or "free service" if I need to create an account or register to use the service. amirite?

It's not a free app unless it's code is entirely public domain.

Dogs are better left at home than at a daycare. amirite?
Your kids aren't your personal bank account, amirite?

I started working when i was 15 and the only things i ever paid for was my own car insurance when i got a car and the gas/etc of keeping that car, nothing else.

I'm not sure how common it is for teenagers to be turning over their money to parents for bills.

Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

Not unpopular

Yes Dumbledore could actually beat Gandalf by feats. amirite?

Gandalf is literally an angel. Hes super natural

Driving at highway speeds and only being a couple of feet away from an oncoming car in the other lane is weirdly normalized. amirite?

Its amazing people are willing to trust the other drivers on the road!