About me.

I like animals, food, and hikes. I like sarcasm, humor, and positive thinking. Narrow-minded thinkers are not welcomed here. Also, if you get hostile and extremely defensive then please don't converse with me. Much obliged.

My life and ambitions.

Studying criminology. Planning to join a company in the fight against international terrorism.

A brief history of my life.

Born in L.A. Moved to VA when I was 14.

The things I could never live without.

My boyfriend. My family and friends. My two turtles and three cats. Oxygen, food, and shelter as well.

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.

Pride and Prejudice. Guardians of the Galaxy. Mac-n-cheese and strawberries.

The coolest places I've visited.

Not sure.

In my free time I like to...

Play piano or chat with friends.

Favourite Quotes

"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandhi

You should send me a message if you..

Please don't send me messages. Much obliged. I won't answer.

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