Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?
Saying "I don't need alcohol to have fun" is like saying "I don't need a hammer to pound a nail" sure you don't need it, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier amirite?

You must be pretty boring if you need to have alcohol to have fun more easily.

True love does NOT happen at age 13, amirite?

So you're 13, in love, and according to your bio gay as well? Oh, and self diagnosed with ocd? Definitely not the classic overdramatic middle schooler then. Clearly at 13 you know so much about how the world works, thank you for informing us mere cynics.

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Pixar is making Finding Nemo 2... How could they lose Nemo again? amirite?

Nemo is a teenager and wanted to touch more butts

You can't claim to be against racism if you don't support homosexuals. People don't choose their skin color or where they're born, nor do they choose if they are attracted to the opposite or same sex, amirite?

There are three things I hate in this world, homophobia, racism, and the black faggot that lives down the street.

The good thing about being a guy is that you always have a place to hang your shower loofah while you shampoo, amirite?
Small tits have just as many advantages as big tits, amirite?

Big tits are more assertive and can better establish territorial claims with other birds. Small tits have an easier time catching bugs since they are more agile in the air.


There should be a tv show with mostly gay characters, and there's one stereotypically heterosexual character who loves women and beer and cars and all the other characters are like "Oh straight Larry, you're so funny and straight." Amirite?

1. No thanks buddy.
2. They clearly stole this idea from me, in which case I insist you email your homosexual television station and demand they pay me royalties, as well as apologise to the good people of who have suffered much trama over this entire incident.

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Guys: You don't like it when girls announce that they have to pee. Please keep it to your self or at least say "Sorry I have to go to the Washroom", amirite?

I have to pee.

When stripping naked on a stage, the best thing to do is imagine the whole audience giving a public speech, amirite?
It's awkward when someone has an almost-mustache, amirite?

Yeah, Mindy should work on that.

When you hack someone's Facebook, it's a total waste to put something like "I'm gay" as their status. I mean, of all the funny, sad, evil, awesome things you could post, you waste it by putting something totally unoriginal and boring. It's pretty anti-climactic, amirite?

I did this recently. I put a very long coming out status that thanked all of his friends for support. Multiple people believed it. Then I got down to business. I changed his name to Oprah Odonnel Winfree. I said he worked at an Al Qaeda training camp with a new project "9/11/12". I posted on every Smith's wall that he was friends with "You're my favorite smith". Same thing with another name I'm forgetting. I messaged one girl telling her she was really pretty and begged for nudes. I accepted a friend request from a girl he's been avoiding like crazy. I added every girl on Facebook named Laquisha and was going to put up a status "I love you Laquisha", but they never accepted. Oh yeah, I also changed his profile picture to Justin Beiber and his time line cover to One Direction. There was more, but I forget.