About me.

My name Katelen is (sounds like Caitlyn, Katlyn, Catlin, and anything else you can think of.)
My favorite bands are forever the sickest kids, all time low, mayday parade, the maine, black veil brides, all american rejects, boys like girls, bullet for my valentine, escape the fate, and breathe carolina, (in that order.)
I love reading and I love Harry potter and a series of unfortunate events the most. I also write some stories, thats what I plan to do when i get older.
I'm 13 and in the 7th grade at the moment, isn't middle school just awe- oh wait... nevermind
I really dont care for spelling or grammer mistakes, as long as I can read it, it's fine with me.
If you think I am a "redneck" because i live in the south, i will gladly punch you in the face.
I'm not one of those girls that would do something extremly stupid because you told a joke about women, as long as it's funny and/or original
I have been told that i have random "deep" moments from time to time, i don't if it is true or not, I guess you can find out from my posts.