Autotune makes everything amazing, amirite?

Yes. Oh well.
Have a good day

You would much rather fail a test with a 69, knowing you did your best, then pass because you copied off the person next to you, amirite?

@ Guineasauresrex
Where I go to school, there are no D's. In fact. I belive you are an older person no longer in high school. Or maybe not in high school yet. D'd dont exist in the gradeing system anymore. For highschool at least. 70-79 = C, 80-89 = B, 90-100 = A

@ Tiny_tim
people who cheat will relize later in life that it wont get you bery far

Autotune makes everything amazing, amirite?

Then I think you should have let people know that. Because "Autotune makes everything Amazing" Yea...that applies to everything...seeing as how you actually said "Everything".

Justin Beiber has no right to tell his fans that if they try hard like he did, they too can be famous. He was discovered on youtube. Correction. He was discovered on youtube, not even trying to get discovered. Yea...He tried hard, amirite?

You shouldnt belive interviews. I know from expirence that they are all staged. I went to see a friends band play a show over the summer, and when they interviewed him, and the bassist, they told them exactly what to say. Its all set up to appeal to the audiance. Thats the fake world we live in.

Autotune makes everything amazing, amirite?

Depends on if you can actually sing or not. If you can sing, and you use it to add more of a electronic feel to you music. Good for you. But if you cant sing at all, and you use autotune to 'Act' like you can sing...You fail!

It's kind of sad that America doesn't really do that much to help our country when something bad happens, but another country has a natural disaster and everyone wants to do everything imaginable to help them, amirite?

They havnt relized yet that the rest of the world knows of our issues. BUT they must keep up their all-mighty look, and help everyone who lives under a rock.

You wonder about those times where you have 50+ "Yeah you are!" and then randomly comes the one "No Way" These people are just jerks. Amirite, or, amirite?

Then thats fine. But you know that there has to be someone out there who just did it to be a douche.

Your posts are like your babies, when they do well you feel so proud, amirite?

Very true indeed. But...I would go tend to a crying baby, before I would check to see if my post is doing well.

Hate it when fat people act like they are hot shit, but they have a picture of some anime charater as their facebook default. amirite?

@JamiLovesYou. Maybe you didnt understand my point with this post. Ever met a ridicoulsly over weight person? Now. Imagine that this person acts like they rule the world. Like they are Mr/Mrs awesome. If they are some damn awesome. Why dont they have a picture of themselves up on facebook? Make sense now?

You hate it when 'People' pull the race card, and say that they have suffered for hundreds of years. FOOL! You've been free for hundres of years. Get over it. I just dont like you! amirite?

That is very true. I've expieranced similar arguments before.

Hate it when fat people act like they are hot shit, but they have a picture of some anime charater as their facebook default. amirite?

Lol. Are you hinting at something?
Also. Im not a facebook whore, like im sure most of you are. I only post stuff on my page that relates to my everyday life. I dont post stupid shit like this up there. Facepalm.