The whole idea of testing is pretty stupid, chances are you'll never be in a situation where you can't use any of your resources to answer questions correctly where the deadline is 50 or so minutes. Amirite?

You're in an alleyway on a dark night. Three rough looking dudes approch you. They stare at you and you at them. As you begin to back up, a fourth thug comes from behind and pushes you forward. He reaches into his pocket with a sly look, then all at once he pulls out a standardized test booklet and a pencil.

Don't let your affection give you an infection, put some protection on that erection, amirite?

This post contained perfection. It gave my life new direction. Now I'll always have some protection on my erection to avoid infection from Gretchin.

Take a break from Facebook and face a book instead, amirite?

No, I already reddit.

The ideal way to quit your job would be to punch your boss in the face and walk out, amirite?

Punch him in the face, Flee country, become a metador. Change name to el libro de Kamasutra. Wait til' steam blows off. Move back into country. Continue life as usual.

You eat Lucky Charms by eating all the little Cheerio-like pieces first, then eating the marshmallows when they're all that's left, amirite?

No, I use my spoon to stir about the cereal and once I find Marshmallow pieces, I pinch them with my hands and shove them into my mouth. After I'm sure there aren't any more marshmallows, I dump the cereal into a collinder. The milk strains into a pot while I put the cereal into a plastic container and place it in the freezer. I boil the milk on a stove until the fat forms layers at the top. I take the fat and throw it away. Then I put the milk into another container and throw it in the trash.

There should be a setting on computers that if your earphones suddenly get ripped out, all music or noise the computer is making stops, amirite?

My computer does that. It just mutes it, it doesn't stop the program or whatever. That way, If I happened to be watching porn and it gets a little rough, and I happen to unplug my earphones, my house won't be lit up with orgasmic noises and women yelling, "Oh fuck my harder."....or men if I'm in that kinda mood.

You never understood how captchas prevented robots from hacking a website, amirite?

That's not very nice. I know quite a few Robots who can read just fine. Just because some Robots didn't listen to their motherboards and are a few packets short of an file system, doesn't mean they're all illiterate!

You wonder who people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga sleep with, amirite?


Every girl wants a boyfriend that: Treats her like a little girl, that thinks everything you do is adorable, that thinks that everything on u is adorable. That freaks out and wants to kill every person who makes you cry, who wants you to smile every single moment, who would be good with just cuddle, who talks to u by his eyes, who knows when there's something wrong. Whos being more than just a ... amirite?

....and this is why you're probably still single.

Even if you go up the stairs more than one at a time, you always take each step individually as you go back down, amirite?

Fuck the stairs, I jump all those fuckers-like a boss. Bust my skull open-like a boss. Go to the emergency room-like a boss! Get some stitches-like a boss! And this is a fucking DAILY thing for Me! a boss.

We should eat healthier: Baked potato chips instead of fried, KFC instead of McDonald's, and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, amirite?

No, never. I HATE baked potato chips, dark chocolate is disgusting imho, and I prefer burgers of chicken any day of the week. . . Well not sunday, that's the day I have to get on my knees and pray towards chick-a. Damn, I hate being Chicksten. :(

Facebook should not get a dislike button. Yeah there are times where it would work like if you broke your leg or something, but think of how many kids could be bullied with it. Imagine the kid who isn't that popular, AND he has to deal with kids disliking his posts for no reason, amirite?

The kid who isn't that popular probably would not have many friends. The friends he does have however, probably are ACTUALLY his friends and disliking his status would be all in good fun.

There is always that creepy guy/girl on the bus that sits next to you, amirite?

Nope, I usually sit next to pretty girls...and run my fingers through their hair. Hehehe

People who are good at video games deserve just as much respect as people who are good at sports, amirite?

Haha No. I am a hardcore gamer and I have to mentally and physically prepare myself. Sometimes I do a hand stand on my fingers anhd do push ups in that position. I then grab onto the ledge that hangs over my door with only my fingertips and do about 100 pull ups. Next i get on the floor with my legs crossed and hands out. I use all my mental skill to try to levitate just above the ground as I toss a controller from one hand to the next using only my mind. Lastly, I improver periphreal vision by using glasses that have been taped in the middle. So far I've been getting 8th place in Mario kart. 4 places up from last year when I didn't do my excercises.

Girls: we all secretly want a bf who can sing who can write a song for us then come in the middle of the night to serenade us amirite?

My fantasy was always a girl inviting me to her house when her parents weren't home. Then she'd make me climb through the window even though she was home alone. As I climbed she would push me off the ladder and I'd break my back. She'd visit me in the hospital occasionally, then end up dating a doctor who looks 10X better than me. Lastly, I'd file a lawsuit and sue her whole family and they'd end up on the street as I roll down the street in my diamond laced wheelchair.