Headlines using "Butcher" making reference to a serial killer are much more common than headlines using "butcher" to talk about an actual butcher, amirite?
Maybe dating is so hard because we're actually evolving from being a largely monogamous species to an entirely non-monogamous one; and we're in this weird limbo without realizing that's what's happening. amirite?
Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?

i never understood why gansta think its cool to have your nasty ass hanging out.

Adam & Eve is a good title for a sex shop and a rib joint, amirite?
Those best meals you cook up from the stuff you have in are only great because you convince yourself they are. amirite?
@cjcusack This is not the "budget" demographic I was addressing!

But it is what I had in. Not what I'd bought specifically just what I had in.

Okie is the short form of Okie Dokie which is the long form of OK which is the short form of All Correct. amirite?

Ok also means 0 kills

Nobody is worse at judging you than yourself, amirite?

You haven't met my father

Your body is full of bacteria that will wait decades for you to die so it can eat you. amirite?
@Nlphbtsms I have no idea wtf you're talking about. Not even going to try

You said "so metal", so I started working the names of Slayer songs into a sentence.

It is theoretically possible for the corona virus to completely wipe out humanity, only to continue evolving over the next billion years into multicellular life, more and more complex until it has become the next conscious advanced life form on earth. amirite?
@TheRojoGaming For a virus to evolve into an eukaryote would take a really really long time

Well I think becoming a eukaryote would almost certainly not happen or take an insane amount of time. Its not like theres a blueprint from virus to "cell". It could become something completely different.

One day instead of asking if someone is an 80s, 90s, etc. music fan, people will ask if they're a 2000s,3000s, 4000s etc. music fan. amirite?

Autechre already makes music from the year 4000

You've probably never formally introduced yourself to your siblings, amirite?

Sure i did... smack!

If you buy a bigger bed, you're left with more bed room, amirite?

I like it. It's a domestic paradox.

Women only show love to keep what they fear missing from leaving them. amirite?

Love until the hurricanes

Your body is full of bacteria that will wait decades for you to die so it can eat you. amirite?

*The bacteria festering inside your corpse, it fills you with determination*

If humanity started with two humans, then technically we are all inbred. amirite?

What are you doing stepstepstepstepstepstepstepsrepsrep bro?