Maybe dating is so hard because we're actually evolving from being a largely monogamous species to an entirely non-monogamous one; and we're in this weird limbo without realizing that's what's happening. amirite?
It is theoretically possible for the corona virus to completely wipe out humanity, only to continue evolving over the next billion years into multicellular life, more and more complex until it has become the next conscious advanced life form on earth. amirite?
@TheRojoGaming For a virus to evolve into an eukaryote would take a really really long time

Well I think becoming a eukaryote would almost certainly not happen or take an insane amount of time. Its not like theres a blueprint from virus to "cell". It could become something completely different.

Despite the fact that people encourage showing emotion, people are often made fun of for crying in public, amirite?

That's because society wants only popular feelings smh. Crying is not weakness. It's accepting that things are bad and wanting to make it right

If you want a significant other who understands your emotions, just date a therapist. amirite?
Cheez-its are only good for as long as it takes to realize they turn into sludge in your mouth. amirite?

Same could be said for all food!

If everyone had teleportation powers we would all become fat and lazy from not having to walk or run anywhere, amirite?

Wouldn't we burn calories to teleport tho? If it was a natural ability

Lollipops are literally just flavouring your own saliva with sugar and drinking it, amirite?
@in the US we call those popsicles!

I know, I'm actually from Canada but since moving to NL my partner and I have developed an obsession for popsicles. They're sold as "lollies", which I think is just adorable. Hence the confusion.

don't agree... i believe we are our end... ☠︎︎

If you look like your father, you look like the person your mom wanted to bang. Or vice versa. amirite?
Teenagers are sick and tired of being stereotyped as dumb and stupid, and adults are dumb and stupid for believe in such stereotypes, amirite?
@In what ways are teenagers immature? Most teens aren't going around getting drunk or driving recklessly

Because it's to hard for them to get alcohol. Teenagers are ignorant, not stupid. There is a difference. If you're really as smart as you believe you are, the opinion of others wouldn't hold you back as much as you believe it does.

Christmas makes the average listener much more tolerant of jazz. amirite?

How so? What empirical data do you have to suggest that? What are you basing this off of, the fact that tons of people can't stand Christmas music?

In around a 1000 years saying "I'm from a diffrent planet" will have replaced "I'm from a diffrent country", amirite?

Thats an opinion

and we dont take opinions here

Society doesn't need lawyers as laws are man made, amirite?

You need to search Watermelon on

Real life is PVP enabled, but unlike in video games, very few of us use it. amirite?

And if you do it for no reason the game punishes you. By the way, are they ever going to make the tutorial take less time and make the story interesting?