Headlines using "Butcher" making reference to a serial killer are much more common than headlines using "butcher" to talk about an actual butcher, amirite?
We never acknowledge when the weatherman is right

But always acknowledge when the weatherman is wrong

people shouldn't order too much food at restaurants if they aren't able to finish them. amirite?
Maybe dating is so hard because we're actually evolving from being a largely monogamous species to an entirely non-monogamous one; and we're in this weird limbo without realizing that's what's happening. amirite?
Light year is a gigantic waste of time. amirite?

You know Toy Story never happened either, right?

People that hate zoos, because of the caged animals, but own pets are hypocrites. amirite?
@Some-Noname-idk Alright. I'll open my front door and see if my dogs want to go live outside in the snow and find their own food...

I do that with all my cats. It's hilarious to watch their facial expressions. They're like, "you want _me_ to go.. _out there_? But it's cold.. and wet.. nononono" as they begin to back paddle away lol

Vacuum is the most expensive thing to produce per kilogram. amirite?
@JimKB Antimatter is pretty expensive, for a thing that actually has a mass.

Oh yeah sure, I'll just head over to the local Walmart to buy some antimatter.

If I invite you to hang out and you say "yeah but do you mind if I invite a friend too?" you're an asshole, amirite?

It's normal for a lot of people so just let them know how you feel. Don't let someone unknowingly be an unwanted add on.

Christmas song queen is Sia not Michael or Mariah. amirite?

‘Sunshine' is one if the most uplifting songs I've ever heard.

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?

i never understood why gansta think its cool to have your nasty ass hanging out.

Cats meow at humans different than each other. They listen to us and imitate us. Meows are cat for human. Cats were named after their meows in ancient Egypt. Meaning humans named cats the cat word for human. amirite?
Adam & Eve is a good title for a sex shop and a rib joint, amirite?
Those best meals you cook up from the stuff you have in are only great because you convince yourself they are. amirite?
@cjcusack This is not the "budget" demographic I was addressing!

But it is what I had in. Not what I'd bought specifically just what I had in.

Okie is the short form of Okie Dokie which is the long form of OK which is the short form of All Correct. amirite?

Ok also means 0 kills

If you count the numbers between 0 and 1, you will never reach 1, amirite?
@Tldfonat Count what? real numbers are uncountable and there are no integer to count between 0 and 1

Boom! I agree with you about the real numbers and the whole numbers. The rational numbers in between 0 and 1 is a countable infinity.